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WR Rueben Randle


Q: Did Morris Claiborne (LSU teammate) give you some of the game plan?**
A: No, I wish. I'm pretty sure they're going to have a great one. They have Brandon
Carr over there also, so they have two pretty good corners on the outside.

Q: Were you concerned that Hakeem Nicks didn't practice today?
A: Not really, I know he's a veteran, he pretty much knows the offense already, he's
trying to rest his foot up so when the game comes he'll be prepared. He has to go as fast
as possible, that's why he's resting up today, getting those mental reps.

Q: Are you friends with Claiborne?
A: Yeah, we're really close. We were roommates at one point.

Q: What year?
A: End of my freshmen year, that's when we became roommates.

Q: What did you tell the other receivers about him?
A: I told them that he likes to quick-jab a lot. I told them to prepare for that, get his
hands off of you, because once he gets his hands on you he's able to control you. That's
what I remember from practicing. You have to get him to open up his hips because if
he's comfortable he's going to be able to break on any route that you run.

Q: Must be nice to give the veterans some advice?
A: Yeah, just a little tip from what I experienced.

Q: Is he that strong?
A: Yeah, he's strong. He may not look like it, he may look skinny, but he has pretty big
arms for his size, and they're very long, so just coming from experience and knowing
what he's capable of doing.


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