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WR Steve Smith

Q: Eli [Manning] has said that in meetings you guys always sit next to each other and have a connection. Talk about how that's grown and what your communication level is like.

A: It has definitely progressed over the last few seasons. You know we talk a lot, I have some questions, and he's always there to help. And you know we're just building a great rapport.

Q: Do you remember when you were a rookie coming into your first camp and how you can kind of compare this one to that one back then?

A: I was just trying to get acclimated to things, and just trying to figure out the system, figure out the practice schedule, and dealing with rookie hazing. So it was tough my rookie year.

Q: What do you expect from yourself for this camp and this coming season?

A: Just consistency, being out there every day working hard and just going out there with a great attitude every day.

Q: Sean Ryan, what's it like working with him in his first year as receivers coach, what's his style like?

A: He's doing a good job. He's been there with us in the back of the room the past few years, so he knows everything and he knows how we are and he's doing a great job of helping us and coaching us and doing little different things on the field to help us build up our receiver skills.

Q: What are some of the things he said to you specifically?

A: He just said go out there with a great attitude. Go out there and work hard, every day is another opportunity to make a play. And help these guys, help these other guys by being an example and talk to them if you can.

Q: Coach Coughlin today said that heat and humidity sometimes isn't a bad thing at training camp, what do you think about this weather and fighting through it?

A: Oh it's tough. You feel like you're cramping up a bit so you've got to stay hydrated. But you feel good, you feel loose, you get a little sweat going so it's a little different.

Q: There were a couple dropped passes in the morning practice; does that come with having a day off and guys starting to refocus on stuff?

A: I guess. We have high expectations for that, so we don't really want to see any drops. So if it happens you've just got to just go to the next play and catch the next one.

Q: Do other receivers sitting out at practice, does that ever affect your rhythm with Eli [Manning]?

A:  No, it doesn't. I'm still doing me.

Q: How about the loss of Domenik Hixon, does that affect the game plan at all?

A: Yeah, that's tough. Because to pick up his slack, he does so much for our team, he's such a good receiver and as a specialist returning, so we're going to need somebody to really pick it up, and everybody is going to have to step it up because he did a lot of good things for us.

Q: Do you feel like a veteran now because you're surrounded by so many younger receivers?

A: Yeah, just because I've been here and a lot of guys look up to me and ask me questions, so it's kind of weird because they're listening to me now because it still feels like I'm kind of new too. But it feels good.

Q: What do you make of the comments of General Manger Jerry Reese saying he'd entertain the idea of re-signing Plaxico [Burress]?

A: That's cool. We won with Plaxico [Burress]. We won the Super Bowl so I think he'd take a lot of pressure off of the receivers if he came back.

Q: When you were a rookie and people said Steve Smith, a lot of people thought of the guy in Carolina. Are you at the point in your career now where you think people are saying Steve Smith and they're saying the guy who caught 100 balls for the Giants?

A: I mean, that would be nice, you know, I want to go out there and show it again this year. He's had a lot of great seasons, so I have to go out there and do it again.

Q: How important is repeating the kind of season you had a year ago statistically?

A: Just make a lot of plays every game, being a consistent playmaker. I want to go out and be able to do that and I feel like staying on the field, being healthy, I'll be able to do that.

Q: Are you and Eli on the same wavelength now where it's almost you read him and he reads you?

A: Definitely. We feel so comfortable out there, sometimes I'll look at him like you missed me; I feel I can do that now. All that is, is reps, being in the meeting room, talking to him, getting our rapport.

Q: How did you follow up the off-season after the big year? Did you work any harder?

A: I did, I worked so hard this year and it feels great. I feel so in shape. I feel a lot better than I've felt at other camps. Of course you're going to get tired, but right now I feel really good.

Q: Did you hit those sand dunes?

A: They actually shut down the sand dunes in Manhattan Beach, so I had to go to Redondo Beach, which was nice, too.

Q: Are the dunes as big?

A: Nah, they aren't but they've got the sand and the waterworks so I still get the same work.

Q: Is that part of the learning process too? Just knowing what kind of shape you need to be in come training camp?

A: Oh yeah. I mean you have to take care of your body and you know how much work you have to put in. I'm a track star here basically, a gifted track star, an athletic track star. So yeah, you know and what time.

Q: You've been out there five days and kind of watched the defense every time they pick off a pass; they have a huge celebration and a lot of chatter. When are you guys going to do something?

A: Mario [Manningham] was telling me that we need to build a little more swagger for the receivers and the offense. I felt like I was chattering a little to the safeties today, because I felt like I was making some good blocks. Definitely we have to get a little more of an attitude. Richie [Seubert] needs to step it up; he needs to talk a little more.

Q: Richie [Seubert] says that's not his style though. I even asked him, he said "no, we're mature."

A: Oh yeah. They're old now; they're the older guys now. So it's ok.

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