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WR Steve Smith

Q. After a big win like yesterday's what is the mood of the team?
A. I think we aren't getting too high or excited. We are happy about the win, but we got a win against Atlanta and then we lost the next week. So we have to stay focused and get ready for next week.
Q. What was it about this win that might have been different than the one against Atlanta?
A. I don't know. I think a win is a win and every game is tough in the National Football League.
Q. When you look back at the performance yesterday did you feel it was a good performance by the offense overall?
A. Yeah, I think so. I think everybody contributed yesterday in all phases of the game. That's what you really need in the month of December because we can't afford to have any setbacks.
Q. You have been with this team during the Super Bowl run in 2007. Do you get a sense that a little bit of that attitude, swagger, confidence or whatever it might be is starting to creep back in?
A. Sure. Coach Coughlin emphasized this is a big part of the year for us; we are on a five-game season. I think guys are really motivated and we have the talent. We went 5-0 and we have the same team, so I think we can try and rejuvenate some of that energy that we had earlier in the season.
Q. Everyone is concerned with Eli's heel. Have you noticed any difference in speed or feel of the throws in recent weeks, particularly the longer throws?
A. Not really. I think he has made some good throws. There are always some tough throws. He put it on the money and we came down with some of those big throws.
Q. You look at the numbers and you are pretty much on the doorstep of having the most productive season as a receiver in Giants history? Is that something that is on your radar or a pre-season goal?
 A. It definitely was something I wanted to accomplish. I didn't realize it was something within reach. Now I am just trying to work hard and continue to do what I have been doing.
Q. When did you realize it was in reach?
A. From hearing people talking about it and talking to me about stats.
Q. You have been told before that the Giants haven't sent a receiver to the Pro Bowl in about 42 years. Have you given any thought to that possibility, given how high you are in the rankings in the NFC?
A. Wow, I didn't know it was 42 years. Can't really worry about all that stuff right now. That would be nice, but I am just trying to help my team win.
Q. You don't drop a lot of passes and you caught a lot yesterday, but does the one drop stick with you and bother you?
 A. Yeah, it bothers me but you have to move on and let it go, but it was definitely a play I could have made. Definitely disappointed I didn't come down with it.
Q. How do you and the other receivers feel about Domenik Hixon getting that big return after spending most of the season as a back-up receiver?
A. That was tremendous. I think he put the game out of reach for them. It was a big play that we needed. He has been productive the whole season on special teams for us, so it was just a great lift for the team.
Q. You run very disciplined and precise routes. How much did Norm Chow and other coaches on that staff teach you and make you ready for the pros?
A. They did a great job of helping me learn offenses and schemes and things like that. I learned a lot from the older wide receivers like Mike Williams and Keary Colbert when I was younger.
Q. Do you consider yourself the other Steve Smith or is he the other Steve Smith?
A. There are two Steve Smiths.
Q. Can you get a sense if this team is ready to make a push here? Do you get a sense that this is the start of something or you are not sure yet?
A. I feel like I do feel a sense. Just from talking to the guys, I think there is a different bounce of energy around here. Talk is good, but you just have to go out and do it. So I feel like guys aren't really talking as much about what we want to do. I think we are just going to go show it.
Q. Is it more of a bounce and energy than you got from the Falcons game, do you think?
A. We felt great after that game. We had a great game plan and a short week. They had a great game plan against us. We know the Eagles and they know us. I think it is going to be a battle.
Q. Just as the Cowboys seem to be victims of the Giants, so too do the Giants seem to be victims of the Eagles. What has to change for you to beat the Eagles?
A. We need to set the tone early and create momentum, get a rhythm offensively, and I think that will carry us.
Q. Once again you are going to have a late game against the Eagles. It will probably be cold and you are both battling for first place. It seems like that is the way it always is.
A. Yeah, that's what it comes down to in December. We are just fortunate that we have positioned ourselves in this position and have the opportunity, so now we have to take it.
Q. Do you still get a spark out of the playoff loss last year to get up and play well against them?
A. Oh yeah, definitely. We had a great season last year and they ended our run in the playoffs. It was at home, too, and we definitely want to come out and set the tone at home and show that we are going to dominate this month at home.
Q. They won a couple games down the stretch at Giants Stadium last year. Does that add to it even more?
A. Yeah, of course. Any time you lose, especially to a team in your conference, it is tough and it hurts. I think guys are going to remember that and are going to come out and play our butts off.

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