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WR Steve Smith

Q. You have always expressed confidence in this group of wide receivers, but is there any surprise at all about how quickly things have come together? You have two guys right now who are sitting atop the receiving charts in the league, two weeks into the season.

A. No, that is why we worked so hard in the offseason. That is why everybody was here in the offseason workouts in the spring and we had some good days and some tough days in training camp and the preseason. We are just glad it's coming together now.
Q. Are you noticing that the two teams you have played have been somewhat skeptical of what you guys can do and maybe dared you to beat them a little bit?

A. Yeah, we understand that is going to happen when you lose two great receivers and we have such a good running game. We led the league in rushing last year. They are going to load the box and give us opportunities on the outside to make plays. That is what we are excited about.
Q. You and Mario Manningham are clearly different styles of receivers. How do you complement each other?

A. He is a quick, really quick, elusive guy. I think I am quick too, I am more of a polished route runner. Both of us catch the ball well. I think Eli is developing a good rapport with him and he is just confident in him.
Q. Was there a point in the last few weeks that things really clicked and all of a sudden things felt at a different level of comfort?

A. We always felt good, even in my rookie year, me and Eli had a good rapport. Us, as new receivers, without Plax and Toom, I think we started jelling a little bit more like you said towards the end. Even Hakeem (Nicks) has made a lot of big plays. We are just really starting to gel as an offense.
Q. What did you think of the touchdown catch that Mario Manningham made?

A. I think he did a great job out running (Terrance) Newman. He is a great press corner. He just did a good job of getting on top of him and staying with the ball.

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