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WR Victor Cruz - 10/12

Q: How did Hakeem look to you out there at practice?
A: He looks good. He caught a few balls today. He was out there looking fluid and it's good to see him back.

Q: Domenik Hixon said you guys were giving him some grief out there.
A: Yeah. We haven't had him on our sideline in a little while, in our general area when we're waiting to go in and out of plays, so we were killing him a little bit. So it's cool. It's always good.

Q: Did he appreciate it?
A: A little bit. He's just smiling. He's happy, as much as we are, to be back. So anything to keep him involved and keep him feeling like he's still a part of us, obviously, is always good.

Q: This helps you, too. They can't double you all the time.
A: I guess so. Anytime you go in there and you've got another weapon like Hakeem there, he's got to be accounted for and it's always positive for us and our offense.

Q: Do you expect Hakeem to be full-speed on Sunday?
A: I would hope so. He looked good today and only he knows how he feels and the training staff and the communication he has with them. So hopefully we got him out there full speed, ready to go, making plays. That would be a bonus for us.


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