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WR Victor Cruz


Q: Does it feel different walking in today?

A: Yes, it feels good. It feels like you actually have a good home and that you feel like you can do some things week in and week out against top talent. It was good to go to Philly and get a win in Philly. That meant a lot to our team and our confidence is sky high right now.

Q: Was yesterday big for your confidence?

A: I thanked Eli after the game for having that confidence in me and throwing that ball on the second touchdown. That took a lot of trust in me. A lot of time I spend watching film with him and looking at different things, it just proves that hard work does pay off. I am glad that we got together like we did yesterday.

Q: What were you thinking on that play?

A: During my route I was thinking, he is not going to throw this ball this way at all. It is two guys here so there is no way he is throwing it in this area but I turned and the ball was in the air so I had to make a play on it. I came down with it so it worked out.

Q: What does it mean to have the confidence of Eli?

A: It was either going to be my ball or I was going to bat it down and it was going to be nobody's ball. We would have lived to play another down. I was just fortunate enough to go up there and find some wiggle room for myself and make a play.

Q: Did you need to prove something to yourself?

A: A little bit and other than those catches, I blocked very well. I did some good things in the run game blocking-wise and I felt that I could do some things. I felt good and my confidence was up and I feel like we can do some great things. We have one of the best receiving corps in the league and I feel like we can do some things coming up.

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