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WR Victor Cruz


Q: Thoughts on the first preseason game:**
A: You take a lot of the good things, a lot of the positive things.  First live action. We're just getting used to getting hit again, catching the ball and expecting some contact. It was good to get our balance back as an offense, as a core, and as a team in general.  You just learn from it.  You watch the tape, get all the goods and bads, the positives and negatives, and just see what you need to get better at.

Q: Do you still feel like you have something to prove?
A: Most definitely. Every time I step on the field, I'm out to prove everybody wrong. No matter what happened last year, I still want to go out there and prove everybody wrong and be at the top of my game, being able to perform, continue to go out there and make plays, and play at a high level.

Q: Thoughts on upcoming Jets game
A: That's always a good game. That's always an interesting game for us.  We're going to prepare accordingly like we do every week, and we'll see what happens.

Q: Thought on personal success vs. Jets:
A: Obviously, I've had some personal success against them.  We just want to go in as a team and get better, and make sure we're taking the right steps to get better through this preseason.

Q: Thought on Preseason Week 2:
A: I just want to go out there early on.  I think we're going to get a little bit more playing time than we did in the first preseason game.  I just want to establish myself, get a couple of catches, get acclimated to getting hit, get acclimated to the game speed once again.

Q: Do you talk to the Jets' defensive backs at all?
A: I saw Cromartie at ESPY week out in LA.  We talked a little bit, nothing football related though.  We were just talking about life, and he wished me luck on this season. I don't see many of those guys, but I used to train with Kyle Wilson a little bit, but other than that, I haven't seen many of those guys this offseason.

Q: Cromartie helped you write the lead to your book right?
A: Yeah, he was a bit of a factor in the opening chapter of the book. It was fun talking about, and it was fun to see it on paper too. It was good.

Q: Thoughts on offensive unit in Preseason Week 1:
A: I think we did well.  We were able to run the ball fairly well. We passed the ball efficiently, and had some completions. Overall, we saw a lot of things that we need to clean up. I think we did some good things, we protected up front very well, Eli barely got touched, so I think that was a positive.  We just want to build on that, and continue to grow, and continue to build as an offense.

Q: Thought on other receivers in Preseason Week 1:
A: It was good to see those guys get out there and get some action. Isaiah [Stanback]made a crazy catch in the end zone. I had to go and give him a chest bump after that. Rueben [Randle] made an outstanding catch to jump up over the guy in the end zone and get the score.  It was good to see those guys really show what they can do on a game time situation, game speed, and as a receiving core we were happy with what we saw.

Q: Use of game tape in terms of maturity:
A: It's very beneficial. Just to see that the game is something they can play in.  The speed is something they can play in, and that it's not too farfetched for them.  It's good to see that. It's good for them mentally to see that they can keep up with the NFL-type speed, and really hold their own.


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