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WR Victor Cruz

Q: A lot of this summer had been about trying to figure out what everybody else can do. Has any other receiver jumped out at you?
A: Ironically enough it's been a little bit of everyone. Ramses has had a great training camp, Jernigan has had a great training camp, and Randle's been doing some good things. It's going to be tough for these coaches, I'm glad I'm not a coach or anybody working up top because it's going to be tough to pick one of those guys or even two of those guys to be our third and fourth receiver. They're all talented, and they're all good players so it's going to be a tough decision, but I think all of those guys definitely have the talent.

Q: The Jets have some good corners out there. What kind of a test is that for you and everybody?
A: It's a huge test to go against the potentially top two corners in the league and to get some solid work against them. We'll really see where you stand as a team and we'll get some self-analysis to see how you are as an individual against those guys. It's a test and you've got to be up to the challenge. I think our guys are ready to go and I think we'll show up to play on Saturday.

Q: Thanks to the Giants-Jets rivalry, do you think that this game will have a little more excitement and buzz surrounding it?
A: A little bit. Every time you play the Jets, they're our hometown rivals and we share the stadium so it's always going to be an electric game. All the fans are going to make it electric. If we don't feel so on the field, the fans are going to make you feel like it's a big time game. It's definitely going to have some jitters and some anxiety, like it's a season opener or something like that, but it's going to be a good test for us. It's going to be a good test from us offensively and defensively just to see where we stand as a team.

Q: When Eli hit you across the middle in the last game and you went for another 20 or 30 yards, did it feel like just picking up where everything left off?
A: Yeah, it kind of felt like home again; just grabbing the ball and making some guys miss and taking for a couple yards so it was good to get it back. It was different because guys are actually coming to tackle you now, its not training camp and guys aren't tapping you on the back or something like that. It was a little bit of an adjustment but it felt good to be back out there catching the football and making some plays.

Q: Are you amped up for the Jets a little bit more than a regular preseason game?
A: Not really. It's just a preseason game so we just have to go about it as just going out there and getting our work done. No matter what opponent it is, if it's the Jets or whoever it is, we have to be ready and we have to be prepared to go out there and play our game.

Q: What about just going out there into the stadium again?
A: I'm definitely excited to get back into [MetLife Stadium]. I'm back home, back in front of the home crowd so it's definitely going to be a good feeling being back home and seeing all the people again.


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