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WR Victor Cruz

Q:  What was it like after your game at Philadelphia last year and all the support from your family?
A: It was a little crazy, yeah, everybody was hitting me up, similar to after the Jets game and stuff like that. This one counted, so it felt different, my phone kind of blew up to say the least. It was a good time.

Q:  Was that the first salsa?
A: That was the first salsa, yes.

Q:  The "Birthplace of the Salsa?"
A: I guess so, I guess so, in a sense. It's been a lot of salsa since then. It's good to go back to where it all started and hopefully get another one.

Q:  Are you anxious about the officials getting back?
A: Personally, I just hope it gets done. Moving forward, we can't think about that, we need to continue to play our game as receivers and as athletes and just continue to play our game and not worry about the ref.

Q:  What's it been like dealing with this crazy schedule?
A: It's actually been pretty nice, to say the least. We had a couple of weekends off to get our legs back and we've been playing well. That's always a good sign. In the irony of it, it's been pretty nice.

Q:  What's it like playing a division game on the road?
A: It's pretty crazy. Obviously those fans don't like us very much, they make sure we hear it every time we're out there warming up and coming out of the tunnel. On every snap, every play, it's intense. You can cut the tension with a knife in the stadium, it's always a great place to play when you're under that pressure and you feel good about it. You want to go out there and make the play.

Q:  Does the added pressure make you more nervous about the refs?
A: Not really. I just want to go out there and play football, and hopefully it doesn't come down to refs making a decision or anything like that. It's really out of our hands and out of our control.

Q:  Did you have to battle to make the catch last year?
A: I kind of came down with it pretty clean.

Q:  That one would not have had to been reviewed like Monday night?
A: I don't think so. I think it was reviewed anyway, but I came out the victor.

Q:  You were watching the scoreboard waiting?
A: Yep, exactly.

Q:  Forgive me for asking, but can you describe Eli Manning in the fourth quarter:
A: You are forgiven because that's asked all the time. It's just his demeanor, man. He's out there and he doesn't change from the first quarter to the fourth, he's always the same level-headed guy and he's understanding what the defenses are showing him and he's making the right reads and the right plays. It's just great to see and to be a part of it, and to be a receiver on the receiving end, it's always a luxury to have a guy like that, that knows what he's doing and making things happen in the fourth quarter.

Q:  Describe Eli's "trust" in new players:
A: I guess so, I can't speak for every quarterback, everybody is different, but I feel like Eli knows that in this system, if you you've been a part of it for awhile and you understand it and you know what you're doing out there, he's going to trust you. He's going to trust that you're going to get open and you're going to do what you need to do to get open so he can give you the football.


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