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WR Victor Cruz on his Big Plays


Q: Talk about your touchdown catch and the 44-yarderA: The touchdown one was just a simple out route. It's usually a play we call on third and one or two. I was able to get out. I caught it and when I turned up field I saw Hakeem giving me a great block. I saw the sideline wide open, so I continued up the sideline. I was looking at myself on the Jumbotron making sure they weren't too close. I just continued up the sideline right to a touchdown. And the 44-yarder? It was basically me going up the seam and I saw the safety go opposite of where I was going. I just continued up the seam and when I turned around Eli was shaking off some defenders. He just eased one over to me and I kind of made a play on the ball.

Q: Growing up here, what does all this feel like?A: It's amazing. Growing up here, you've seen the great run in 2007 and all the not-so-great runs. Just to be a part of this history and a part of this program is amazing for me. To make the playoffs is an exciting feeling. I'm glad I was a part of it. All the credit goes to my teammates and my coaching staff for believing in me.

Q: How do you describe your skill?A: I guess it is just God-given ability. When I get the ball in my hands I try to make the most out of every play. I try to make the maximum yardage I can get every time I touch the ball. God's blessed me with some ability to do some good things and to be able jump and run and run good routes. It's a testament to God.

Q: A lot of people can jump and run.A: I guess so. I think it's more of being in the right place at the right time and using the ability to out-jump the defender or to run around them.

Q: What did you think was a realistic goal for you for this season?A: A realistic goal was just to get a catch in a real game that mattered, in a real game that counted. Due to some unfortunate injuries, I was able to come in and play a significant role. It's been an amazing ride. It's been a rollercoaster for me. I'm excited that we're here, we won our division, and we're going to the playoffs.

Q: At what point in the season did you know that you could be the wide receiver that your stats say you are?A: I wasn't really looking at the numbers and I wasn't really looking at statistics and all of that. I was just trying to come in every week knowing what I had to do, knowing what the coaching staff inspired throughout the week, and knowing what I had to do against the defense and just fulfilling that. Every week I've been able to do some significant things and some good things. My goal was just to do my part in order for us to win every game.

Q: Are you really 6'1"?A: With my cleats on. That's how I like to look at it, so yeah.

Q: After the game you stayed out on the field. What was that like?A: It was just surreal. I've come a very long way. I've had a lot of ups and downs in my life. It was just exhilarating to see all of the fans. Essentially, part of this game is that we do it for them. It's for them to be around to keep us in the game. They're a big part of this game as well. I wanted to show them some love and go over there and talk to them a little bit and stuff like that. That's what that was.

Q: You guys are pretty young in the wide receiver position. Do you think you can handle the pressure?A: I think so. I think we had a lot of ups and downs throughout the season. When our team needed us the most, we responded. We've done some good things. We were able to keep a level head going on a four-game skid. We were able to keep our composure and not get crazy or not start a spatting board with each other. I think we're able to compose ourselves. Although we're young, we're very confident. We have old souls, I guess you could say. We'll be okay moving forward.

Q: Did you see Robinson did your dance?A: Yeah, I saw him. I saw him after the game, too. I told him if he wants to do my dance, he's got to be a little more fluid. He's got to take some classes, some courses. I told him it's cool with me.

Q: You sure?A: Positive.

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