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WR Victor Cruz Transcript


Q: How do you feel about being the third receiver?A: It feels good, especially coming from Gilbride. Whenever you hear him saying your name and in a good light, it is always good. I'm just trying to get in every day and I'm still working hard and still trying to get my plays down. I'm just trying to make an impact every time I step out on the field.

Q: Even though you were hurt last season, how much did it help you being around?A: It actually helped a lot especially with the type of offense that we run, it is very in-depth and you have to dig into your playbook. That year, it was kind of beneficial to me because I could just dig into that playbook and understand different routes and different positions, all the wide receiver positions on the field. I was able to get a good understanding of it, so last year was unfortunate about the injury but beneficial in other ways.

Q: How frustrating was it when you started to see other wide receivers getting hurt?A: It seemed like every week we were losing somebody. You always want to come back and be in a position where you can possibly help your team. It was unfortunate but it is a new year and we are ready. 

Q: Are you living proof of what the preseason can do for somebody?A: I know the talks before were about limiting the preseason games and I know other guys from small schools were like, 'No, please don't' because that is where you can make a mark and show in live action against other guys and other teams, what you can do. Those preseason games were very important for me personally.

Q: How beneficial would it be to have Steve Smith back on the team?A: It would be great, especially last year because he helped me so much throughout my injury. He would talk to me and tell me to get into the playbook and just understand it. Make sure you know it because when your time comes, it is not a factor. Make sure it is not an issue. He was always talking to me and he was great. He was one of my mentors and I look up to the guy. Hopefully we can get him back and if not, I wish him the best with whatever he does in the future.

Q: Do you like the wide receivers that you have on the team?A: Yes, I like the core. Me, Duke, Darius Reynaud, we have come together since last year. We know our stuff and we are out there competing. If the core guys can get together and we know our stuff and we can build that trust and coach Gilbride can trust us and coach Coughlin can trust us, it will add depth and coach Gilbride won't have to worry as much.

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