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10 Keys to Victory vs. Washington

1. Eleven as one.The Redskins' offense starts with their running back, Alfred Morris. The key against their zone scheme is for all eleven defenders to stay square and maintain gaps.

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]( Players to Watch vs. Washington

2. Start fast. Washington is last in the NFL with a minus-79 differential in the first quarter this season and minus-102 in the first half, which is also 32nd in the league.

3. Win the turnover battle. The Redskins are 0-7 when the turnover differential is against them. They are 1-10 when it's even or worse. 

4. Press the line of scrimmage.A season finale between two division rivals still playing hard will be won in the trenches. Control the line of scrimmage.

5. Control the clock. Despite being 3-12, the Redskins frustrate opponents with a top-10 average time of possession thanks to their run game. Meanwhile, the Giants go three-and-out on 28.3 percent of their drives, which is third-worst in the NFL. 

6. Get Manning going early. The Giants turned in one of their better first halves of the season offensively last week against the Lions when they opened with 10 passes on their first possession, which led to a score. The Redskins' 22nd-ranked pass defense could present similar opportunities for Eli Manning to find a rhythm.

7. Limit penalties. Yellow flags against the Giants have extended drives for opponents and shortened others for themselves this season, including giving Detroit two first downs from penalties last week. 

8. Cash in on money downs. The Giants are in the bottom 10 on third down both offensively and defensively. Meanwhile, Washington is eighth in conversions on both sides of the ball. 

9. Execute in all three phases. The Giants pulled off an overtime victory on the road last week by forcing a three-and-out, piecing together a long drive, and then kicking the game-winning field goal in the extra period. Defense, offense, and special teams all worked together.

10. Finish. Whether in a Super Bowl run or a losing season, no team wants to go into the offseason with a loss. As Tom Coughlin said, finish the season, finish with pride, finish strong, and create hope.

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