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20 Questions in 20 Days: TE Myers role?

Will Brandon Myers top Martellus Bennett's production from last year? If so, predict his touchdown total for 2013?

MICHAEL EISEN:Well, let's see. Myers caught 79 passes last season with Oakland, most of them from Carson Palmer. That was 27 more than any other Raider had, an indication Palmer had few other options. Bennett caught 55 passes from a better quarterback, Eli Manning, who had – and still has – more talented receivers to throw to. Assuming Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz stay healthy and Rueben Randle and Louis Murphy get their share of catches, I'm going to guess Myers will about 50 passes and match Bennett's total of five touchdowns. But like anything of this nature, it's just a wild guess.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Brandon Myers will be a more productive receiver than Martellus Bennett. He has better hands and a better feel for routes and getting open. I'll predict 62 catches and 8 touchdowns for Myers in 2013. Bennett, for the record, was a better blocker.

DAN SALOMONE:If healthy, I think he will. I don't know if even the Giants expected Bennett to contribute as much as he did right away in 2012, grabbing a touchdown in each of the first three weeks. While Bennett slowed down statistically – he caught two the rest of the way – he was sill effective in other areas, and Eli Manning showed again what he can do with a big target in their first season together. That's why I think Myers can at least match Bennett's numbers, especially with his good hands. In terms of touchdowns, it could be the opposite of what he experienced in Oakland, where he had 79 catches but just four touchdowns in 2012. I could see seven for him in New York, but his reception and yards totals might come back down with all the weapons at Manning's disposal.

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