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23 Questions in 23 Days

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23 Questions in 23 Days: Instant impact rookies

23-QUESTIONS-DRAFT-CLASS is counting down to the start of the team's 2023 training camp with 23 questions in 23 days.

Each day, a member of the crew will answer one question about the roster, coaching staff, schedule, and much more.

22) Which rookies could make fireworks right away?

Can cover cornerbacks and centers create fireworks? If so, the 2023 rookie class will basically be 9 p.m. over New York City on the Fourth of July. But in reality, if these two players are performing well, they will be boring. If no one is mentioning John Michael Schmitz, it's because he isn't allowing any sacks. If no one is talking about Deonte Banks, it's because he isn't getting beat.

If those players are involved in firework plays, it's probably because something bad has happened. Schmitz being the topic of conversation with a big play probably means he gave up a sack. If Banks is a constant source of conversation its probably because he is giving up a lot of big plays. When it comes to cornerbacks and centers, boring is better.

Wide receiver Jalin Hyatt and running back Eric Gray have the best chance of creating fireworks, but I expect both players to be part-time players at best to start the season. They might have a big play here or there, but it would probably be more in line with a fireworks display after a minor league baseball game rather than the Fourth of July. Long term, these are the two guys I would bet on making fireworks since they have the ball in their hands.

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