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5.8 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  What can you find out with all of these guys running around?

A:  You can find a lot out but you have to keep it in perspective.  It is rookies against rookies for the most part; guys that haven't been on the team or whatever.  So until we sort this all out and then get to work with our team, we do have to keep it in perspective. But you certainly can do a great deal in terms of evaluating all of the little things – movement skills, protection skills, the running – that type of thing.

Q:  How good was it to see Hakeem Nicks close up today for the first time?

A:  It was good.  It was something that we were looking forward to and I thought Ramses and Hakeem both did a nice job of catching the ball today.  We will see if they can come back and do it a couple days in a row.

Q:  Is there anything specific that you are looking for, or are you really relying on your assistants on a day like today when you have so many guys?  What are you keying in on yourself?

A:  You start out with your draft choices.  You just do it by order. You have your draft choices.  First of all you have to know your roster – you have to know exactly what you are looking for, what the numbers are like.  You start out  - you have an 80-number for camp.  You have an over number – you have some spots that we are looking to fill those numbers in.  And then you move to your college free agents that were signed and then your tryouts because you know where your empty spots are.  So you have a good idea and you have a lot of trained, very good trained eyes that are on all of these people – I'm talking about our scouting department and staff as well, coaches working individual positions. We will put that all together.

Q:  What specifically do you like about the two receivers?

A:  They caught the ball.  This morning they caught the ball well.

Q:  Just in terms of their physical attributes?

A:  They caught the ball well.  They are both big, strong receivers.  I think they will both be able to go inside.  I know that they both will be – studying them as hard as we did-- they will be good in the green zone as well.  That is where it stands.

Q:  The players that you know are coming back, your draft choices and some of the other players that you want to take to Albany with you , what do you tell them when you leave this two-day thing.  Do you give them any sense of the playbook?

A:  They will have a book – a cut-down version right now that they are using.  We will collect them back and then the players that we have invited and that will come back in addition to the draft choices, they will get those - that information -- again in a week when they do return.

Q:  How quickly do you think you will get a sense of they can pick things up and grasp things?

A:  After you get through the four practices, they have a lot thrown at them and at that point in time you are evaluating how much information they need on the field just to get organized, to get lined up and execute what you have in.  So you have a pretty good idea then.

Re: Barden

A:  He is pretty worldly – he knows what is expected and he has come in and jumped right in there and I think there is no doubt that his experiences at the Senior Bowl……

Q:  Outside of Barden, you have a number of tall prospects.  Is it worth a shot to see what they can offer?

A:  Sure.  That is why they are here.  You never know how those numbers are going to come down for camp.  You may have a preconceived idea but once you see what people can do; there may be a guy that is talented enough to try to fit him in there.  So, no, it is very much worth trying because you need those people because you are working two quarterbacks as well.

Q:  Not many free agents make teams anymore, but some do.  Have you been able to tell at a certain time, "Hey, that guy has something."  And when does it sink in?

A:  Well, you have to do more than this,  but you can see the raw talent and ability and then the guy has to prove in training camp that he has the staying power – that he can stay with it and stay focused and be mentally tough enough to get through all of that stuff.  It takes time; it takes awhile.

Q:  What was your motivation to bring Maurice Evans (DE, Penn State, Brooklyn)  in as a free agent?

A:  He was a young man that had started for a while at Penn State, had shared time; a local guy that has the size and speed.  And …………………

Q:  Just because of how he played?

A:  That plus the fact that we thought that he was a guy that ……………

RE:  Bomar?

A:  We will see.  We will see.  We have seen him on film when he stretching it out that everything works - ….arms …….. position.  He likes to come from here with all of that inside stuff and he is very quick to release the ball.  One thing that will help these receivers is that they better get their eyes on the ball because it gets there in a hurry.  I like some of what I saw.

Q:  …………………..

A:  They were all out there.  There were some numbers that sent you in other directions.  …….  Those names were there.

Q:  Is Brown 100% because it looks like when he slows down he is kind of ginger on it?

A:  As far as I know.  I was kidding him out there that he can't be tired after one or two runs.  But we will see.  He is not complaining about anything.

Q:  What was your first impression of Beatty, the offensive tackle?

A:  I thought he did a good job of picking things up this morning.  He actually went on the right side and the left side for a small number of snaps.  But that would be good if he could comprehend all of that in that fast amount of time.  It is for him, just like for all of those guys, they are playing a foot away from the guy across from them.  So it happens real fast.  So they need some time.

Q:  Regarding Nicks, when he comes in and his first real exposure to the stadium and being a pro, what did you see in him today that shows he will fit in and he will be a good guy to have around here?

A:  Well he worked well; he was humble.  He seemed to do well coming out of his meeting. The information that we have on him is that he learns all the positions and he can line everybody up in the receiving corps.  So that was a good plus for us.  But he handles himself – carries himself well.

Q:  What were you initial thoughts on Clint Sintim?

A:  We like Clint.  I don't know exactly ……how it all went this morning, but I know he didn't make any major ……..   In a drill like this, you may come free but you may not let them anywhere near the quarterback.  It is not as easy to tell with defensive players. ……..

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