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5.8 RB Andre Brown

RE: Coach's comment to you at practice.

A: I broke a couple and I was a little slow coming back to the huddle. He said, 'You're not used to getting that many carries.' I was like, 'I'll try to get used to it.'

Q:  It looked at the end of the run like you were favoring your hamstring.

A:  No, no, no.  I'm fine. It was just they said finish it 25 yards down the field. I finished down there.

Q:  Jerry Reese spoke about you after the draft and he compared you to Derrick Ward.  And said that you wore 24 but you looked like 34 out there.  Do you see that comparison?

A:  Derrick Ward was a great back here. Thank you for the comparisons.  I'm going to just go out here and play the game that I know how to play.  If they want me to be that back, I can.  I'm going to go out here and work hard and try to do anything I can to help this team out to get to a championship.

Q:  How would you describe yourself – your style of running?

A:  I'm a downhill type of back with good hands. Coach told me that I had good hands, so I guess I'm going to ride off Coach that I have good hands.

Q:  Are you equally comfortable running or catching?

A: Oh yeah, I did a lot of that in college. I'm comfortable catching the ball and just running with the ball.

Q:  Your running backs coach (Jason Swepson) played for Coughlin (at Boston College). Did he tell you that?  Did he give you any suggestions about what to expect?

A:  He told me to go out there and work hard.  I just got off the phone with him.  He asked how practice went.  He said to just remember to keep finishing runs.  Just when you think you have given enough, give more.  That is all it is, is just coming out here and keep working hard.

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