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5 reasons the Giants should like their 2015 schedule

By now you've had time to digest the NFL schedule and start planning your favorite 17 weeks of the year.

Of course, the Giants hope their season goes beyond that.


The road will be tough, as it always is in this league, but the way it was mapped out Tuesday night, there are some advantages. Following the NFL's announcement of its 256-game slate for 2015, and WFAN broadcaster Paul Dottino listed his five reasons why the Giants should like their schedule:

1. No gauntlet

There does not appear to be a cluster or gauntlet of consecutive difficult games on the schedule. In years past, you could look ahead and identify what appeared to be a very rough run – one that often included rivalry games. That is not the case this season.

2. Fast start

Nothing gets a team's attention more than opening with a rival, especially on the road.

So the Dallas game in Week 1 ought to have the team stoked. In addition, Dallas still may not have its pass rush or its running game sorted out in time for the opener.

3. Thursday game comes at opportune time at home

Teams always have a rough time preparing for a Thursday night game, but the Giants have the benefit of playing a team they know – Washington – on a short week.

In addition, the Giants will be coming off a home game against Atlanta, so they won't have to fight any issues that come with returning from the road. The Thursday game also means they will have a long week to prep for an unfamiliar foe in the Buffalo Bills in Week 4.

4. 49ers come east after tough stretch

The 49ers will have to come east to play the Giants after what likely will be three difficult weeks -- they play the Steelers, Cardinals and Packers before visiting MetLife Stadium.

5. Giants escape the cold in second half

The Giants players are likely to be rejuvenated by escaping the cold Northeast when they visit Tampa Bay on Nov. 8 and Miami on Dec. 14. You can't go wrong with a couple of trips to a warmer climate like Florida at that point in the season, especially when your team is nursing bumps and bruises.

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