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6 new episodes of 'Giants Life: The Next Step' premiere before season opener

Follow the Giants through 2021 Training Camp and Preseason. First episode is available now on YouTube,, Giants App, and GiantsTV.

The Giants began building a strong foundation in 2020, but how do they take it to the next level?

That question drives the 2021 season of "Giants Life: The Next Step", presented by Oakley, which continues today as part of a special rollout of six episodes in six days. They can all be found on the New York Giants' YouTube Channel,, Giants Official Mobile App, and GiantsTV Streaming App.

Earlier this year, two episodes of "Giants Life: The Next Step" followed the team through the 2021 free agency and draft process. Here's what you'll see this week:

Episode 3 (Sept. 2): “Welcome Back”

The Giants welcome back the team for the start of training camp. The episode culminates with the 2021 Giants Fan Fest, where fans got an in-person look at the team for the first time in the Joe Judge era.

Episode 4 (Sept. 3): "Joint Practices"

Go on the road with the team and take a behind-the-scenes look at joint practices with the Browns and Patriots ahead of their preseason games.

Episode 5 (Sept. 4): "Jason Garrett Origins"

Discover the origins of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who played at Princeton and was a backup quarterback on the Giants NFC Champion team in 2000. Garrett's dad was a coach for the Giants in the Yankee Stadium days.

Episode 6 (Sept. 5): "Thomas McGaughey's Special Role"

They say coaching a group in which your head coach came up through the ranks can be challenging, but special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey is up for it. His phase of the game is sometimes overlooked on a football team; however, that is not the case under Joe Judge, a former special teams coach for Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. This episode goes inside the life of McGaughey, who has won two Super Bowls on the Giants' coaching staff and has battled back from Cancer.

Episode 7 (Sept. 6): "Rebuilding Big Blue's D"

Judge didn't add "assistant head coach" to Patrick Graham's title without a reason. Nicknamed by his players "The Computer" see what makes the coveted defensive coordinator tick in Episode 7.

Episode 8 (Sept. 7): "Year 2 of Joe Judge Era"

Judge built a strong foundation despite the unprecedented circumstances for a first-year head coach. Now it's time to take the next step.

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