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7.1 Mailbag for July 1st

- Welcome to "Michael Eisen's Mailbag." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.

Do you know if the Giants are still interested in acquiring a veteran  receiver to help develop the plethora of young talent we have at that position.

Dear Doug:

The Giants believe David Tyree will be an outstanding mentor to their group of young receivers. Are they "still interested" in adding a veteran? I'm sure if a talented, team-oriented player were to become available they would look at him – they look at everyone. But it would be misleading to say they are actively looking to add to the receiving corps.

I was so disappointed to hear that the Giants aren't keeping Amani Toomer this coming season.

I'm the third generation of a family of Giants fans and one thing that has always made them special is that they always work together and support each other as a team.  This camaraderie was clearly crucial to their ability to remain focused on prevailing in Super Bowl XLII (which I watched in my #81 jersey).  Throughout more than ten years with the Giants, Amani has embodied this ideal.

So please answer me: How do you justify this decision?  How does it reflect on the Giants to dismiss a player who time and again has come through for this team as a player (see: Giants v. Cowboys play-off game 2007-2008 season) as well as a source of calm, strength, optimism, and leadership?  Who could be a better role model for the young receivers than a modest player who goes out on the field every Sunday and performs?  We have been lucky to have players like Toomer and Strahan to set excellent examples, but now we have lost them both.

Obviously I realize that a pro football team is a business, but a player whose qualities contribute to winning championships is good business.

Dear Jocelyn:

We have reviewed and discussed the Toomer decision, but that hasn't mollified his supporters, who continue to write The Mailbag. In a nutshell, it was time to move on. Amani Toomer is the best receiver in Giants history. Never the fastest receiver in the league, he has lost speed late in his career (no sin for someone who played 13 years), which was noticeable last year. The Giants, and most NFL teams, are always looking for youth and speed, particularly at that position. They believe they have a good group of wideouts. Toomer was a terrific player, but it was time to cut the cord.

Hi Michael, My favorite position in football has got to be the strong safety  position and I was just wondering about Kenny Phillips. Obviously a Miami alum so he seems destined for greatness. Although it is not fair or me to judge him after 1 season, I didn't  notice anything particularly jaw-dropping about his play. He is listed  as a free safety but will the Giants try him out at strong? Exactly how good is he? Will he be as good as Ed Reed or Sean Taylor? The only con I read about on his draft day was that he is NOT those two athletes but he is a "good" football player. Will he finally become the stud safety that  the Giants have needed?
Dear David:*

Not sure where Phillips is listed as a free safety, but he has moved into the starting lineup for James Butler, who played strong safety last year. It is unfair to compare Phillips to players like Reed or Taylor. Judge a player on his own merits and what he does for his team. I'm not sure what the requirements of a "stud" safety are. But Phillips had an outstanding spring and the coaches believe he is going to be an outstanding safety this year for several seasons to come.

Do you think Kevin Boss will be any factor at all this season? Going by the Redskins' game, it doesn't appear that he will. And don't bring up last year's playoff run. That's history.   Fan since 1957

Dear Sam:

Not sure which Washington game you're talking about. He caught no passes in the opener and three in the rematch. But if the playoff run is history, that has to be, also. Of course, Boss will be a factor this year. He is a young, improving tight end with terrific hands. Did you miss the news that he led the team with six touchdowns receptions last year? I don't now why anyone would be down on Kevin Boss.

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