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7.13 Mailbag for July 13th

- Welcome to "Michael Eisen's Mailbag." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.

Michael, I know this subject is a bit off topic from the usual questions asked in your round up however I have been looking through the community fan boards and am shocked that people can not buy their actual Giants seats from the soon-to-be demolished stadium. It is enough that I have forked over for my PSLs but aside from the logistics, why can I not be able to buy my own seats that I have cried/laughed/froze/sweated in for the past decade? I think management should rethink this and make some kind of accommodation for their real fans who only wish to have their seats find a new home. After all, I am intending to pay $500 for the seats and willing to pay more if I can be assured that I can get my own.

Dear Joseph:

Frankly, because the Jets are also selling Giants Stadium seats. And if there is a Jets season ticket holder who owns your seats and he wants to buy them, you can't both have them. So while we are very grateful for your loyalty and devotion, it's not possible to guarantee fans their actual seats.


I'm from Denmark and I'm a great fan of NYG. Can't wail till the new season get started. NFL has in recent years become very popular in Denmark and the broadcast service is fine. I could put a lot of questions about the receiver-position but I think you have had answered, what is possible for you.

Just a simple one about Hakeem Nicks: How come that NYG have not yet signed him whereas many other drafts have been signed?

Skills, dispute about the contract and so on??

Dear Peder:

None of the above. First-round draft choices are traditionally the last to sign. As of this moment, the Giants have not yet announced the signing of any of their top three draft choices. Training camp begins in three weeks and I'm confident when it's time to report to Albany, all the draft choices will be signed. It's been a long time since a Giants draft choice signed late. I believe William Joseph in 2003 was the last first-rounder to sign late. I don't think that will happen this year.

In his rookie year, Aaron Ross was showing signs of being a disruptive, A-list, shutdown corner. But last year, we didn't hear much from him. Do you expect a breakout season from him this year, and do you think he can bring Pro Bowl caliber play to the CB position? Also, with rookie year under his belt, what are your predictions for Kenny Phillips?

Dear George:

It's curious you would say that about Ross and not include Corey Webster. Not because you didn't hear about Webster, but because the two corners had similar statistical seasons. Webster started 17 games, Ross 16 (he missed the season finale in Minnesota). Ross had 57 tackles (31 solo), while Webster had 53 and 39. Ross intercepted three passes for 58 yards in returns, Webster three for 64 yards. I think both corners had solid season and will continue to improve in 2009. As for Phillips, he has stepped in as a starter and safety and was very active throughout the spring drills. Phillips was perhaps the finest safety in the 2008 draft and has all the tools to be a terrific safety in the NFL. I think he'll have a very good year.

Hey Michael, I was wondering why nobody seems to be mentioning Ramses Barden when people discuss the Giants WR position. He seems to have the physical attributes to replace he-who-must-not-be-mentioned- so why is he being neglected? Do you feel he can contribute to the team this season? *
Gee, who would that be? Ramses Barden is not being ignored internally. He will get every opportunity in training camp to show what he can do. Because he's a third-round draft choice and a rookie, I think the media has been more focused on Hakeem Nicks, the first-round pick, and the veterans like Sinorice Moss and Mario Manningham. But Barden is a tall receiver with intriguing skills, so if he shows he can play at this level, the coaches will find a role for him.*

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