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7.21 Mailbag for July 21st

- Welcome to "Michael Eisen's Mailbag." Every few days,'s exclusive Writer/Editor Michael Eisen will pick some of the best questions and comments we receive via email* and answer them right here! If you'd like to submit a question or comment to Michael, click here.


Mr. Eisen, I apologize for addressing the Giants' wide receivers again, but one subject I have heard little talk about is Marvin Harrison's availability.  I am not sure why the Giants are not looking at him as a prospective #1 reciever.  Yes, he is older; yes, he has lost a step or two; and yes, he is only 6'0" but he is a much better receiver than anyone the G-Men have at the moment.  Eli needs a number one who can get himself open, we all know he isn't successful when he's forced to thread the needle all game.  Hixon is a #2 at best, it became apparent that he didn't have the abilities to step up to the #1 role after Plax shot himself.  Bottom line, the Giants can't hope to make a run into the playoffs with two #2s (Hix & Smith), a promising rookie who has yet to sign (Nicks), and a pair of undersized, underperforming #3s (Moss, Manningham) as their recieving corps.  You had mentioned a few weeks ago that the organization is looking to Tyree to mentor some of the younger recievers... How can a guy who might not get a roster spot, and has recorded 54 receptions in his career, only 5 of which came in the past two seasons, be a mentor?  (Who would you rather help develop your young recievers, Tyree or Harrison?)  How are they not at least talking to Marvin?

Dear Brian:

I am reluctant to comment specifically on Harrison, because I don't know what his situation is and I am supposed to comment only on players on our team. You raise some good points. My overriding thought to your letter is you seem to assume that everything and everyone will be as they were last year. I believe, as do many others in the organization, that players like Hixon and Smith will improve this season. I think it's unfair to say Manningham underperformed. He was hurt in training camp and never fully caught up, which sadly happens to many rookies. I understand your skepticism; he must earn everyone's faith through production. But he had a good spring and I believe he will contribute this year. Nicks will sign soon enough and though the track record of rookie receivers is poor, he has tremendous ability and could help the team. Finally, the number of catches a receiver owns has nothing to do with his ability to be a leader and a mentor. Tyree is a pro's pro who is highly respected by his teammates and coaches. His character, work ethic and determination make him an outstanding example for the young receivers, even if he never catches another pass.

ESPN's NFL Live had a (very) short piece on the Giants' receivers. They listed the players and gave each guy's years of experience, but they didn't mention David Tyree. still shows him on the roster. He's still with the team, right? Can you give us an update on his injury rehab and status for training camp? I'd love to see him return to his lead role on special teams, and I think he can be a contributor to the receiving corps also.

Dear Joe:

Yes, David Tyree is still on the roster. He has worked hard to rehab his surgically-repaired knee and should enter training camp in optimal health. If he is to secure a spot on the final roster, it will through his prowess on special teams.

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