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7 takeaways from Giants Media Hour (12/11)

1. All eyes are on Odell.


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While becoming the first rookie in NFL history to record at least 90 receiving yards in six consecutive games, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has caught everyone's attention on and off the field.

"Teams do things where they start to roll coverages and stuff like that," Beckham said. "It makes you have to change up the game plan. Our other guys, such as Rueben [Randle] and Preston [Parker], can win. It is just a matter of when we all start going.

"It is definitely an accomplishment. It takes a lot to get something like that, but I think it is going to open up a lot more opportunities for Rueben and Preston."

2. Randle's progress report.

With three games left in his third NFL season, wide receiver Rueben Randle has 57 receptions for 618 yards and two touchdowns in 2014. Given the attention defenses are placing on Beckham, coach Tom Coughlin and offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo were asked to assess Randle's season.  

"You know, I think that he's had games where he's played well, very well," Coughlin responded.

"Other games, not so well. You're always striving for the consistent performer and I think he would agree with that. Try to get better, that's the whole deal."

"He's been a little bit streaky," McAdoo said. "Some days better than others. We have a lot of confidence in him and expect him to continue to grow, get better. He's still a young player and we feel his best days are ahead of him."

3. The Injury Report.

Did not participate in practice: OT James Brewer (concussion) and LB Jacquian Williams (concussion). Limited: QB Eli Manning (back). Full: LB Mark Herzlich (concussion) and LB Jameel McClain (knee).

4. Colt is in the lead in Washington.

Meanwhile in Redskins camp, coach Jay Gruden has not named a starting quarterback yet for Sunday but is inching closer to sticking with Colt McCoy, who started the last two games but suffered a neck injury in their loss to St. Louis. Gruden said McCoy will visit one more doctor as a precaution, and if cleared, he will start in place of Robert Griffin III.  

5. Beckham's toss last week had been "oiled up" for a little while.

Beckham became the first Giant to catch, run, throw and return in the same game since David Meggett in 1994. Offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said Beckham's trick passing play in Tennessee had been in the works since the rookie made his debut. "We've had it oiled up for a little while," McAdoo said. "It's probably been in, I don't want to say Atlanta we put it in, his first week back, but we had it in pretty early. We've repped it a bunch. He had someone downhill on him pretty quick, so he didn't have a chance to work his way through the progressions like he would have wanted, but it was good to take a shot there."

*6. Beckham close to breaking a punt return. *

While Beckham is on pace for a 1,000-yard receiving season, he is also ninth in the NFL in punt return, averaging 8.9 yards per attempt with a long of 25. And he's getting close to taking one the distance.

"I hope pretty close," special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said. "We put a lot of work into it, and been waiting a long time for it. I think they are blocking better, and they are getting a sense of timing. Pretty close that last couple of weeks. You just have to keep swinging away."

7. Week 4 is a distant memory for both teams.

Much has changed for both the Giants and Redskins since their first leg of the season series in Week 4 when Big Blue won, 45-14, at FedEx Field. The Giants tacked on another win the following week, but then came their seven-game drought that didn't end until last Sunday in Tennessee.

"Things always change," offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said. "It was a long time ago when we played them. We benefitted a lot from field position, whether it be from special teams or turnovers from the defense. Defense, special teams played lights out last time. We executed at a high level. To say we would go out and just roll the ball out there and do that again is ignorant. We know we're going to have to work for everything we get. They've been playing well on defense. They've been giving up some chunk plays, but they do challenge you schematically. We have to make sure everyone's on the same page and performing at a high level, playing fast and ready to execute."

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