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Antrel Rolle: Cruz & Nicks ready to excel

Safety Antrel Rolle made an appearance on NFL Network and talked about the importance of having WR Victor Cruz with the Giants long term and the play of the defense last season.

On wide receiver Victor Cruz signing a new contract:
"As a teammate and as an organization, we are extremely relieved. He is a huge part of our offense and, more importantly, he gives me my best work when I am in practice, especially when I am in the slot. We are just glad to have everything behind us. We all understand this is a lengthy process, it is a business process. And more importantly he is back with the Giants for a long time."

On if he ever feared the Giants would be without Cruz this season:
"To be honest, I can't really say. Everyone contract situation is a bit different, everyone handles them totally different.  I am just glad everything is done and we don't have to worry about that at this point. He is with us. Victor is happy, I am sure the Giants organization is happy, the fans are happy and I know I am happy so let's get it on."

On how much different their offense is with Cruz on the field:
"Extremely different. I think Victor and Eli have a connection, a very, very well executed connection. They are always on the same page at the same time. Another year with having Eli under his belt and vice-versa, I think it is only going to get better."

On if it is a team concern whether wide receiver Hakeem Nicks can stay healthy:
"No it is not a concern. I think Nicks has taken the right steps to make sure his body maintains healthy. No one in this league can say whether they are going to stay healthy throughout an entire season or not; hopefully he will be. It is a contract year for Nicks. He has done wonders when he is out on the field with us. We are looking forward to him having an exceptional season this year."

On the difference defending receivers Nicks and Cruz:
"Totally different to defend. Hakeem Nicks, I think he is a little more deceptive than Victor Cruz. When you look at Nicks you might not think he is moving as fast but when you are up against him, running with him, you understand this guy is moving. His hands are probably the biggest I've ever seen on a receiver. I call him 'The Silent killer.' His routes are so smooth; everything he does is so smooth. While Victor Cruz is going to always put a little bit of salsa on it. I think he goes out there and gives you the wiggles, gives you the shake and he is exceptionally quick. If he takes a step on you, you can pretty much cancel Christmas."

On the Giants defense this season:
"My defensive mantra is just to be more consistent. To be more consistent and have more dog in us on a daily basis, on an every down basis. There were times out there, I felt,  that as a defensive unit we went out there and we played exceptional,  we played like the Super Bowl caliber team that we were. Then there were times we went out there and played like the 9-7 team that we were.  As a defensive unit you can't have the ups and downs because we all know that defense wins the game. We all know that. With the quarterback that we have, with the offense we have, they are always going to put points on the board. We expect that. So we just have to make sure we limit [the other team's points.]"


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