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Antrel Rolle reacts to LeBron announcement

In reaction to LeBron James announcing his decision to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Giants Safety Antrel Rolle posted the following photo on his Instagram account with this caption:

"As a professional u understand. Somethings are bigger than yourself. He did it for Cleveland. He did it for the people. It's a great move for @kingjames to finish his legacy. We appreciate everything you have done for Miami but you deserve to do it how u always wanted it. #takeithomebra #muchrespect"

Must say LeBron did this decision excellent. An old school letter. Love it.

— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz) July 11, 2014

All this Lebron talk and I'm still like #Lakeshow in 6.

— Spencer Paysinger (@SpittyP) July 11, 2014

"@TheTweetOfGod: You're welcome, Cleveland."why is this so funny to me

— Jameel McClain (@JameelMcClain) July 11, 2014

"@cenzo86: If you aren't tweeting about Lebron right now, what are you doing?!" ....Living life lol

— Spencer Paysinger (@SpittyP) July 11, 2014 takes a look at notable players who have left and then returned to the New York Giants.

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