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RB Brandon Jacobsis chomping at the bit for Sunday's season opener against the Washington Redskins.

"I am very excited. We are playing against a good Washington team that is in the division. You know they are going to bring it in the first game of the season. Their team morale is up, as well. It is a new year for them and I know those guys are going to be ready to play ball. We are going to be ready to play as well."

Jacobstalked about getting the run game going after the team eclipsed 2,000 yards rushing in 2010.

"It is super important to come out right away and stuff it down people's throats and make them respect the run. We have Hakeem and Mario and Hixon and then they can get off as well. It starts with the running game always. That is how this league is. The teams that come out and run and are very successful at slinging it, I take my hat off to them. In this division you have to come out and run the ball."

G Chris Sneewas asked about going against his former teammate Barry Cofield.

"It is us against the Redskins. I am happy for Barry, I am sure he will do great things for them like he did for us. He certainly earned that contract but now he is no longer a teammate, he is an opponent and a rival and I have to play against him twice a year."

The Giants coordinators were also available for comments.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was asked if TE Jake Ballardis of starting tight end caliber.

"Yeah. I think he'll be the guy that starts when we're not two-back and in our two-tight end offense. Right from the beginning we saw a guy that could block very well, or had the potential to be a good blocker. He was physical, he's big, he's strong. I think he's continued to get better technique-wise and an understanding of what we're trying to do with each play."

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell believes the Giants can be a top five defense.

"No question about it and I still believe that we have a chance to be a very solid defense. Some guys have to assume some different roles and we are doing a good job of trying to fit those pieces into place. Now how fast those pieces will develop for us, we will find out on Sunday."

Special Teams coordinator TomQuinn talked about the punt return situation. 

"There's a couple - Jernigan, Hixon, we rep a lot of guys back there. We're comfortable with all of them."

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