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Back to playoffs in 2014?

After starting 0-6 this season, the Giants rebounded to go 6-3 since then, including their 23-20 overtime against Detroit this past Sunday.

At 6-9, the Giants have a chance for one more win in the season finale when they host the Washington Redskins this weekend. Despite being eliminated from postseason contention, Tom Coughlin reiterated yesterday that the team is still playing for pride.

"Competitive greatness is something that we talk about and it starts deep within and it's the nature of the game," the head coach said on a conference call. "Men are lured to the most difficult of challenges and that's the game of football completely.  In this day and age, the way in which the media and the video world, and the way in which you can have information so quickly at your disposal, a man is who he is.  I think that's an important thing, too.  Your family is involved.  Your family name is involved.  Who you are and what you represent and what your character is and how you stand as a man, in the most difficult of times, in the best of times.  We've had it both ways around here."

That leads us to our Morning Debate:

What does the turnaround say about the Giants, and how do they make it back to the postseason next year?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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