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Dear, Michael     Is Bear Pascoe going to be the starting full-back this season?? Especially since the roster only has one player a rookie, Henry Hynoski labeled as a fullback. Or will Pascoe be asked to return to the tight end position due to the Kevin Boss situation?Dear Giovanni:

If I had to guess, I would say that Pascoe will be the starting fullback this season. He performed very well in that role last season and is even stronger this year. Plus, as talented as Hynoski is, I would never predict early in training camp that a rookie free agent will start. Hynoski was a terrific fullback at Pitt, but whether or not he can help on special teams will probably determine if he makes the final roster.

With the new look of our offensive line and the Gmen's efforts to get the running game going again, I was hoping they would have picked up a solid fullback that can pave the way for Bradshaw and Jacobs.   I understand we missed out on John Kuhn, but are they still considering finding a true fullback to lead the way?   I'm thinking this can be a big piece of the puzzle to really dominate the Eagles since their secondary is going to be tough.Dear John:

See above. If a true veteran fullback becomes available, I'm sure the Giants will investigate. But Pascoe played well and the Giants want to see if he can continue to develop at that position. However, the team's needs could change, most obviously if Kevin Boss signs elsewhere and Pascoe is needed to play tight end.

Michael,Any word on Kevin Boss?  He's not flashy and he keeps his trap shut but he does get the job done!  Also, any chance O'Hara and/or Seubert would resign for less?

 Dear David:

Tom Coughlin said today he and Boss have exchanged voice mails, but haven't actually spoken yet. The Giants would like him back, so hopefully the two sides can reach an agreement. The Giants are not looking to bring back O'Hara and Seubert at this time. But if something happens on the line later in the season and they are healthy, perhaps one or both could return. But frankly, I wouldn't count on it. The Giants are counting on their new line configuration to play at a very high level.

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