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Michael,Kiwanuka is not a linebacker, he doesn't like playing the position yet the Giants insist on playing him there. He is an end who likes to go forward. Sintim has been a disappointment. He's  3-4 strongside backer trying to play a 4-3 strongside backer. Seems to me the Giants have 2 square pegs they are trying to fit in round holes. Who do you think is the best candidate for the position?Dear Steve:

I don't know that I agree that Kiwanuka doesn't like to play linebacker. He played pretty well there in 2007 before he broke his leg. I'm all for giving Clint Sintim an opportunity to show what he can do coming off knee surgery. But the idea in 2007, as it is now, is to get the best 11 players on the field. If that means moving Kiwanuka to linebacker, I wholly endorse that move. At this point, he's been a better player than Sintim. And I think Kiwi is going to have a big year.

Michael:When did we sign David Carr? And who are our backup quarterbacks now?Dear David:

Carr was brought back to compete with Sage Rosenfels for the No. 2 quarterback position. He handled that role well in 2008-09 before spending an unhappy year with the 49ers. Tom Coughlin wants competition at every positions. The Giants also have Ryan Perrilloux, who has demonstrated a strong throwing arm in camp.

Michael:What has become of Chase Blackburn?Dear Judy:

Chase Blackburn is a free agent. At this point, he has not signed with any NFL team.

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