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Michael:If our first round pick Prince Amukamara ends up being out for the year, how does it work as far as him being a future free agent? Does his four years start when he plays in an NFL game or does it start when he signs a contract is on the roster or injured reserve?Dear BP:

First of all, Prince is not going to miss the entire season. Will Beatty had the same injury last year and returned in two months. Prince was injured on Aug. 6. If he returns in the same time frame, he will miss only the first four games. But had he suffered a more severe injury and was forced to spend the entire season on injured reserve, he would accrue an NFL season, his first toward becoming a free agent.

Michael:What's the status with Steve Smith? He was Eli's favorite target. We can't afford to let him go. We are loaded at receivers but injuries hurt us last season. Can you shed some light on this?Dear Richard:

It's my job to shed light on these kinds of situations. According to what Smith posted on Facebook, he will be in New Jersey this week to visit the Giants. The first order of business is to determine his health and potential availability. Because had a serious knee surgery last December, he is not yet ready to play. The Giants need to determine when that might be before they begin serious discussions about signing Smith.

Michael:I was a big Andre Brown fan when he was at North Carolina State. Now that he's back with the Giants, how has he looked and what are his chances of making the team?Dear Jake:

Even Tom Coughlin thinks Brown looks much quicker than he did a year ago, when he was trying to come back after Achilles surgery. Brown is running with speed, quickness and confidence and he has made himself a real candidate to win a job. Since Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs are locked in as the top two backs, Brown is competing with D.J. Ware and Da'Rel Scott, among others, for the third back job.

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