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Bradshaw confident in Giants run game


Q: How are you feeling?

A: I feel great, the same way I feel every week.  Q: Do you feed off of Brandon Jacobs?

A: Of course, he makes a play happen and I want to be able to do the same thing and make a play happen for my team also.Q: Have you seen a change in the running game the last month?

A: No change, I just feel like we are getting better and we are coming together. The same things could happen because we are running the same things and calling the same plays. I don't feel that there is any change in that.

* *

Q: Is it more effective?

A: I guess you can say that but not because of any change in linemen or what you all suspect. We are just running the ball better right now because we are coming together.

* *

Q: What do you tell players about the difference in the postseason compared to the regular season?

A: There are better teams in the playoffs, it is the end of the year and every team has injuries and a lot of teams are coming together at the end of the year.

* *

Q: Do you feel like you have set the tone with some of your runs lately?

A: I just make it happen. Like I said, there has been no change in play calling and we have been doing the same thing since day one. We just feel like right now it is the time.

* *

Q: Do you wonder why or how you were last in the league in rushing?

A: I don't even look at it. All I am worried about is this game and what we can do rushing in these next couple of games.

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