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Bradshaw says Giants are ready to go Sunday


Q: Is your back injury serious?

A: No, it is no big deal, it is just a lot of tightness. It feels better now and I feel good. Q: Is it a reoccurring issue?

A: No, I feel good about it. It is nothing serious.  

* *

Q: Have you gone for more x-rays to check out your foot?

A:  X-rays, and I have been taking some Forteo, I don't know if it is like a steroid but it is a protein that helps you grow bone. The foot looks great, the fracture is healing in with the bone, we are excited about it.   

* *

Q: Has that treatment really helped things?

A: I think so, it helps the pain and it heals the fracture with the bone.

* *

Q: What is the sense of emotion from this team?

A: Just anxious, we are ready to get out there and play. We have a lot to prove and we have pay back to give back to them.

* *

Q: Do you have any thoughts on Raji's comments towards the offense?

A: We know how tough we are. We bring physical to every game that we play. The guys up front are great guys and they take pride in what they do. We are not worried about what they are talking about over there.

* *

Q: Do you think about the touchdown you scored the last time you played them in the playoffs?

A: No, I am thinking about this game and this game only. I take it one game at a time and hopefully I can have two this game.

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