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Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen on building team chemistry and the long haul 


Head Coach Brian Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen are united on the smart, tough, dependable front; in addition to cultivating a common mentality, the duo is working toward the future. Ahead of the Sept. 11 opener in Nashville, Daboll and Schoen joined Bob Papa, the play-by-play voice of the New York Giants, on the Giants Huddle: Front Office Edition podcast to detail their approach to crafting a team with solid chemistry.

Coming from Buffalo, Daboll and Schoen highlighted that their prior working relationship was crucial to the initial adjustment. Schoen revealed, "It's really been a seamless transition because we're aligned in our philosophy and how we want to do things." The "all hands-on deck" workstyle that Schoen embraces is still at play as the team builds their 53-man roster and pieces together a practice squad.

Schoen and his scouting department, he outlined, work together to identify players with "the right type of habits" to deliver to Daboll's coaching staff.

Daboll detailed the process of bringing together a "blended" staff with personnel from various schematical trees. Whether a player enters the organization on the 53-man roster or joins the practice squad, it's the coaches' responsibility to catch him up to speed with expectations on and off the field. Coach Daboll also spoke of the dual-functioning practice squad. It's a mix of players whom Daboll knows can step up and play on a Sunday if needed and players "that have skills that you covet and that you can develop." Schoen shared similar views: "We're playing the short game in 2022 but also the long game in 2023."

When asked about his biggest takeaway from training camp, Daboll said that the players have been improving their fundamentals and technique every single day. On a larger scale, he attested, "Team chemistry to Joe and to myself – the people that we bring in – is very important. I think we've made strides in that."

The two also gave an overview of their respective roles; for Daboll, striking a balance between charismatic and authoritative has enabled him to remain "levelheaded." Schoen echoed the sentiment. Candidly, his favorite part of the job is "coming to work every day with the people that were already in the building, the people that we've hired."

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