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Presser Points: Coach Brian Daboll reacts to win

The Giants admittedly left some plays on the field, but as coach Brian Daboll said in his postgame press conference, they will take the result.

Here's everything you need to know from the head coach at the podium following the 14-7 victory over the Commanders, which broke a four-game losing streak:

🔹 Daboll credited the coaching staffs on all three sides and his players for making "the plays we needed to make. It was a little bit closer than it needed to be, but this is NFL."

🔹 The Giants this week were down six offensive linemen. Four were ruled out heading into the game and two more were placed on injured reserve. The players who stepped up were "pros," Daboll said. "The guys that were out there tonight, they worked extremely hard during the week and a couple of days at practice, we were moving guys around and we settled on it say Thursday of how it was going to go and if (tackle) Evan (Neal) could go, and if he could go, then we had another kind of lineup change, if you would. But (offensive linemen coach) Bobby (Johnson) has met with those guys early and late, and he have a kind of revolving door there. Tough competitors."

🔹 From left to right, the starting lineup on Sunday was Justin Pugh, Marcus McKethan, Ben Bredeson, Mark Glowinski, and Tyre Phillips, who reunited with the Giants this week after he was signed off the Eagles' practice squad. "It's something we talked about as a coaching staff. I think the communication was better. Just having Pugh, a veteran, Bredeson and Glow kind of opposite because they worked together as well. With Tyre back and he was only back for a week, some code words and things like that, even though he picked up, I'd say almost all of it on the way back, it's still helpful to have someone right next to him that's been out there and done it, veteran wise."

🔹 From Graham Gano's missed field goal to Sterling Shepard's muffed punt to Saquon Barkley's late fumble in the red zone, the Giants' miscues came from some veterans. Daboll's message to them: "Go out there and I have full confidence in you the next time you step out on the field. … So again, we left stuff out there. No question about it. We left stuff out on the field. We left points out on the field, like you said, the missed field goal, the fumble in the red zone, but I'll take the result.

🔹 Backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who started again in place of the injured Daniel Jones, had a "good game, played well, took care of the ball, made good decisions, threw the ball where it was supposed to be thrown."

🔹 Taylor is a "true pro and Daboll is "glad we've got him."

🔹 On rookie cornerback Deonte Banks' contributions, including his first NFL interception: "That's why he's on this team is to come out here and compete and do everything he can do to help the team win and put the team first. So, something that's important for all of us is to put the team first and he does that."

🔹 Daboll said "you can't be influenced by losses" in terms of your approach each week. "And that's tough because no one goes out to try to lose a game ever in this league. You do everything you can to try to put your best performance on the field. So, to stay steady in your approach, although it's not the same exact thing. You're always changing things, whether it's a lineup change, whether it's a different personnel group, whether it's a timing of a schedule, whatever it may be, you're always doing that, whether you win or whether you lose, but to have a real positive approach. That's not always the easiest thing to do, but that's what the job entails."

🔹 Daboll stayed true to his word that they were going to get rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt more involved. "I told you we're going to play him and he made some plays. He's still got stuff to learn, but the way to learn it is to go out there and play. He made a couple good ones. I thought Tyrod gave him some good chances to make them too."

🔹 On Taylor's success with the deep ball: "He's taking his drop, drop back and see one-on-one coverage and let it go and the receivers have made good plays, so it's all tied together. It's not just one person or one position. It never is on offense. It takes all 11. You can't have one guy or two guys on offense. When you usually have a guy mess up, it's usually not very good for the offense. You can't make it up. It's just all assignment football and he's done a good job with it."

🔹 Daboll said the fans were great at MetLife Stadium. "We haven't given them a lot to celebrate about (this season). They were loud on that fourth-down play, they were loud, and I've encountered a lot of great ones and our job is to provide a good product and certainly we left things out on the field today. So, it wasn't perfect. It was a good team win. There's a lot of guys that have worked hard and contributed and I'd say the fans were a huge part of it. I certainly appreciate them."

🔹 Jones didn't get cleared on Friday, "so he wasn't able to go" again because of the neck injury. "I'll have a lot of meetings tomorrow about it, I'm sure, and the next day and the next day, but I don't have an answer for you (about when he will return)."

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