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Broncos QB Kyle Orton

Q. After looking at the Giants the last few games, are you licking your chops trying to go against that defensive backfield?

A. Well, we need to get some things shored up on our end, but we are excited to get going here on Thursday. I think if we play our best ball, we'll have a good chance.

Q. How is your ankle holding up? Did it limit you at all against the Chargers?

A. Yeah, but it is getting better every day and hopefully I will be able to do everything in the game plan.

Q. Have you played a lot of games on Thanksgiving in high school, college or pro?

A. This is my first time ever playing.

Q. What do you think about that?

A. I'm excited. We'll have a bunch of family in town and have a good chance to go play in front of them. It will be great.

Q. How much have you kept up with Jay Cutler or kept an eye on what has been going on in Chicago?

A. I really don't know Jay and I've never really talked to him, so not really at all. Except I keep a close watch on what my buddies have done back there and I wish them the best.

Q. When you look at this Giants defense on tape what do you see?

A. A big, athletic group. They play downhill, certainly at the linebacker position. They try to do a lot of blitzing and stunting with the linebackers to create one on one matchups up front. They love to get to the quarterback.

Q. Your team started fast this year. Do you think some part of the downswing is that teams have figured out what you guys are doing with the new coach and new system?

A. No, not really. I just think it is a lack of execution on our part and not playing for 60 minutes. When we get back to doing that, we will get back to having success.

Q. The Giants are vulnerable in the red zone on defense. Why is that?

A. I don't know. They certainly have had their struggles the last couple of years in the red zone so we are hoping to get down there quite a few times and give us our best chance. They seem like they have played some great defense in between the 20s and then they kind of get down there and struggle a little bit. We are looking to certainly score some touchdowns when we get down there.

Q. What are your thoughts on the rookie Knowshon Moreno?

A. He has run the ball real nice for us. He is a hard runner. He is a big player for us and he has done a nice job in pass protection, as well. It's good whenever you can get him in space.

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