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CB Aaron Ross Transcript


Q: Did you come to camp this year with a different attitude?

A: I came with same attitude. Last year I was really confident and ready to go, but unfortunately I had the foot injury that kind of set me back for the whole year basically. This year was pretty much the same thing, I'm going into it with a positive attitude and my main thing right now is to stay healthy. It's been good so far, just have my fingers crossed that I can continue to stay healthy.

Q: It seemed like on Monday night every play you made you were pumped?

A: Oh yeah. I mean I'm excited. Every play I get to play out there on the outside, like I said I haven't been out there for two years now, so being out there on the outside and being able to make plays and show coaches I can make plays, the fans, the media. It's exciting.

Q: Do you have more clarity on your role now?

A: Coach still hasn't made a decision yet. Right now, there's three of us working inside. Whichever one he feels most comfortable with, that will be the one that's working on the inside.

Q: Have you let them know you prefer being on the outside?

A: No. However they place me as far as the corner position, I'm fine with.

Q: Do you want us to tell them?

A: I don't know.

Q: It's a contract year for you, how much is that on your mind?

A: It's really not. As long as I'm healthy, I think everything else will fall into place. It's really not on my mind. The health is the main thing for me right now.

Q: You staying healthy?

A: Yeah, me staying healthy.

Q: How much do you think about that?

A: A lot. I've been hurt for two years so I think about it all of the time. I continue to do the little things that [prevent] getting injured.

Q: In the past you said you didn't do the extra stuff in training camp. Do you have the opposite approach now?

A: The opposite, exactly. I have a guy coming in that stretches me, gets the knots out, pretty much everything. I put everything in the basket and am letting it go.

Q: When you get a couple of injuries you get labeled as…

A: Injury prone. Exactly.

Q: Have you heard that?

A: I've been injured for two years. It was freak injuries, but an injury is an injury. As long as I can stay away from it, that title will go away.

Q: The plantar fascia last year, you came back quickly, but did it affect you?

A: Oh yeah. It was lingering around the whole year. It actually stopped hurting in March, this past March.

Q: And you played all but one game?

Q: Two. All but two games.

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