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CB Tryon works back from broken arm


Justin Tryon snapped his right arm early against Miami last season and played through the pain. He would later worsen the fracture with a clutch shoestring tackle of Reggie Bush on a late punt return, but that's not what he remembers most.

Rather, two third-down conversions where he could have made a play stuck with the cornerback since that game the day before Halloween.

"One was a swing route with Reggie Bush," Tryon recalled on the first day of organized team activities. "Those two plays actually haunt me more than the actual broken arm. Because I look back on those two plays and I was like, man, we could have been off the field. But those two plays right there, those two plays, actually haunt me to this day."

Lauded for his gutsy performance less than a month after signing with the Giants, Tryon underwent surgery the next day and was done for the season.

Now he's back and he's bionic.

"The arm is stronger than ever," Tryon said. "It's about 120 percent. It's actually stronger. I'm actually just waiting to put it to the test on somebody…I'm just happy to be back on the field, happy to be back with the guys. I'm happy to be doing something."

Tryon said this week is all about getting the helmet back on, correcting his hand placements, and simply getting his feet under him.

Meanwhile, the specialist will be working to get back on defense, where his role expanded to dime package until the injury. He'll have some competition as the Giants shored up the secondary this offseason.

"You're as strong as your first, your seconds, your thirds, your fourths," Tryon said. "So I'm just looking for everybody to be healthy and get the ball going. After that, then let's compete. But right now, it doesn't really matter where you start. You could be on the third, fourth, sixth or eighth team. Right now, I would like for everybody to be healthy and then we can really start slugging it out."

*Tryon received his Super Bowl championship ring last week and said seeing it for the first time was more than overwhelming.

"I'm a very passionate person," he said. "Me opening the ring, that's when it truly hit me. During the playoffs, I was happy and this, that and the other but it really was official [at the ceremony]. I had my pops and my girlfriend there. We were just hanging out and had a good time. When I saw that thing bling me in the eyes, I almost broke down – twice."

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