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Coach Coughlin ranked second?

* *Dan Graziano from the NFC East Blog ranks the top coaches in the NFC East. We posted the excerpt below because he ranks Coach Coughlin the second best coach in the NFC East. Do you agree with his reasoning? If not, voice your opinion on our !



"Two weeks ago, we got all lathered up about Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo. Last week we ranked the division's wide receiver corps against each other. Each time, the result was a wave of commentary and a good, fun Friday debate in which no one said anything mean or nasty and we all learned a little by being open-minded to each other's points of view.

Or something like that.

Anyway, we're doing it again, and this time we're ranking the coaches. Simple, right? How do you rank the four head coaches in the NFC East? Here's my list:

The second spot was actually tougher for me. Coughlin has eight winning seasons, six first-place finishes and eight playoff wins (including that one really big one) over 15 years as a head coach. He won 49 regular-season games and four playoff games in the first five years of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise, then came to the Giants and built a Super Bowl winning team. Shanahan has nine winning seasons, four first-place finishes and eight playoff wins (including two really big ones) in 17 years as a head coach. In the end, I think I went with Coughlin because I think he eschews nonsense where Shanahan seems to court it and because he's had success in two different places. But it was close for me. Heck, it was close three ways. But if I were picking a coach for my team right now out of this group, I believe I'd pick Big Red."
Do you think Coach Coughlin is the BEST COACH IN THE NFC EAST?

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