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Coach Tom Coughlin's Press Conference (11/19)

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Good morning. We could be in Buffalo, smile. Looking forward to an opportunity to play in the division again with the Cowboys coming in here. The Cowboys are having an outstanding year with a team that is sixth in the league in offense, a team that is 15th in the league on defense, but plays very well, playing very hard. Outstanding special teams play, three of the four categories are ranked, I think, in the top 11. Tony Romo is having an outstanding year. DeMarco Murray is having an outstanding year. Very good football team and we are excited to play again in the division.

Q: Practice status for Justin Pugh?
A: No, he won't work.

Q: At all this week?
A: I don't know, we will see, he's day to day.

Q: How is Jacquian Williams doing with the concussion? Is he cleared to practice?
A: No, he is going to have some activity and then he may get cleared to do some things tomorrow. We will see how he does step by step.

Q: I know Peyton Hillis is on injured reserve but how is he doing?
A: I saw him yesterday, he's feeling better. Was here in the office, he had his little boy with him.

Q: Do you know where you are going to put Geoff Schwartz yet?
A: No.

Q: You do and you're just not telling us?
A: Really?

Q: Do you expect to have him for the game or is it too early to know?
A: Who? RE: Geoff Schwartz
A: We activated him. I would expect that he would be ready, I hope.

Q: Are comfortable with him playing 75 snaps?
A: Yeah, if he plays, sure. That is what this week will be about.

Q: How does this season and the current streak compare to the beginning of last season for you?
A: Keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting, that is all it takes, one game at a time, bounce back. Again, it is about all of those eyes that look at me on Wednesday morning, I am thinking about them, quite frankly, trying to bring them through the disappointment toward the next opponent.

Q: Are they still getting your message and still being attentive?
A: Yes. Ask them, though.

Q: You brought in Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie this offseason. Has it been a rocky road with him his first year here?
A: I think he is disappointed. He would like to obviously feel good and play injury-free, but that hasn't happened. So we have made as many adjustments as we possibly can. We continue to put him out there thinking this could be a day he is able to play the way he is capable of doing and staying out on the field. So we will keep trying that. His attitude has been good; he has tried everything to be able to do that.

Q: Justin Pugh's not practicing and you have Geoff Schwartz coming back with the offensive line. You have started the same line every game this year so far. How open are you to moving multiple pieces around if you have to or do you try to keep it to a minimum for the sake of continuity at this point?
A: Well, I don't… that would be a reasonable expectation, but at this point in time we're trying to be the best that we can. We'll do whatever we have to do to get it that way.

Q: How about the Cowboys rivalry. Regardless of which team has what record at what point, is it always a little bit more meaningful?
A: I think divisional games are, and certainly, we are blessed, if you will, to be in a division that's highly competitive and everybody calls everybody a rival and it certainly makes for some very, very interesting games and competition. Over the years, we've seen it and been a part of it.

Q: What do you take from that first game with them to this game?
A: There are a lot of things to take from it. If you study the game and if you know where the critical things were and how they happened, you look at it and you see… I'm always looking for ways that we could be better. What did we do? We did rush for over 100 yards. They obviously did. They had time of possession. They had the late strip turnovers and they were plus-one in the game, but there were some very good plays. It was very competitive. I thought at 28-21 we certainly had a chance to go and take the ball and take it down and have a chance to tie the game and, of course, it didn't happen. There's a lot that can be learned from that.

Q: Was that one of the better games that you guys have played during this losing streak?
A: That's some question. There are a few. That would be one of them… maybe, if you're really interested in how you played when you lost.

Q: How do you think your linebackers did last week with all of the re-shuffling?
A: Last week? I think they did good. I think they did alright, I really did. I was pleased with the way they flew around and they were physical.

Q: Devon Kennard, what kind of growth have you seen in him?
A: He's a guy that wants to play. He's got the look in his eye. He wants it. He wants to be a part of it. Whatever challenge you have for him, he is more than willing to accept it.

Q: How do you feel Rashad Jennings looked on Sunday?
A: I think he's got… he was feeling his way back. There's no way around it. He hadn't played in a game for quite some time. He'll improve in this week's game because of having an opportunity to play and feel good about coming through the game last week.

Q: Do you think you'll be able to lean on him a little more in this game?
A: We try to lean on them all.

Q: Have you spoken to Eli and do you expect him to bounce back from last week's performance?
A: I've spoken to him about… he was in the office yesterday. As far as bounce back, I believe he will. I believe he will bounce back. I think he'll have a good game.

Q: You've mentioned a few times the pressure from the pass rush that you faced last Sunday. How much of that do you attribute to the opponent and how much is it a growing concern?
A: The opponent is the opponent. The opponent is very good, the number two defensive team in the league last week. The opponent this week does rush the passer well, (they) don't have a lot of numbers that way, but they are penetrators.

Q: Is Cullen Jenkins going to practice today?
A: No.

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