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Cooper Taylor Rookie Blog: 1st Game

Safety Cooper Taylor was drafted by the New York Giants in the fifth round this past April. Throughout the year, the University of Richmond product and Georgia native will provide an inside look at his journey of making it in the NFL. This week's post picks up with Cooper preparing for the 2013 opener in Dallas on Sunday night!

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VIEW: Today's Practice Photos It's the first normal week of the season after getting out of training camp. That was an intense month, but I know we're all better for it. Now all the focus is on the Cowboys game, which is only days away. It's an exciting time. Sunday Night Football. It doesn't get any better than that.

We're now in the full swing of a weekly NFL routine. A day in the life of a rookie consists of getting up at 6 a.m. and making your way over to the Giants facility a little before 7. Then depending on the day, I usually start off in the weight room for about an hour, eat breakfast, and then meetings and film until practice time. When we get back in from the fields, you have an hour break to eat lunch, and then kind of relax and watch more film and get out of here about 4 p.m. After that, I can take care of some things like finally finding a place to live yesterday. So right now I'm trying to get all the power, water, gas, and all that stuff figured out. It's been hectic to say the least.

Charles James and I might eventually live together. We lived together in training camp, and now he might move in once we get all this figured out after he was signed to the practice squad. Charles is a great player. He showed a lot in the preseason. I was really glad when they kept him around. He's a rookie like I am, and we're just trying to soak everything up from the vets as we start the season. The more experienced guys have been a big help, and we've been meeting a lot extra. We've had a couple meetings outside of what the coaches have set up to watch film, get our communication down, and things like that. That's been a plus, and those guys are then out on the practice field helping me prepare for live games.

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