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DT Cullen Jenkins - 4/18

Q: What has impressed you so far about your new teammates?
A: I've just seen the work ethic so far and seeing how everybody approaches things, especially with the guys. The attendance is pretty high. Everybody is here and working hard and you see them pushing each other working together as a group and it's pretty impressive.

Q: What do you bring to the run defense?
A: A lot of versatility. One of my goals every year is just coming in and improving my run game. I faced criticism my whole career in if I can play the run or I can hold up. I always just thought I got a chip on my shoulder or something to prove. I've been on some pretty good run defenses in my time in the league. I think I've even been on a number one ranked defense back in the day. It's just something to prove being able to play whether it's inside or outside. Help out wherever. It's a system that I'm familiar with, with Coach Nunn and some of the things we used to do back at Green Bay. I'm just excited to get out there and be able to contribute.

Q: You had a couple of teams that were interested in you. What made you want to come back?
A: The biggest factor when I came in I really felt wanted here. It's hard to explain. How they looked at playing me, how I fit into the system. It's a system I'm used to and then looking at the team. It's a team that wins that expects success. It's not a team that's rebuilding. It's a team where I'm coming in and just trying to just help them continue the success that they've been having in the past. Obviously, being a bit closer to where we're living now didn't hurt. I just liked the team in general. Facing this team it seems like every year for about the past five years you get to learn them a lot and a lot about what they're about and I really liked it.

Q: Chris Snee is one of the guys that vouched for you. What's it like being in the same locker room as him?
A: It's pretty cool because I know I wont have to see him on Sunday now. Me and Chris Snee have had a lot of battles on Sundays and he's a heck of a player and I got all the respect in the world for him. It makes you feel good when someone of his caliber can speak highly of you. But at the same time, ever since I've come into the league, my goal was just to improve every year. Try and get better. Look at the areas in my game that I don't feel I was played as well in the previous year and just keep improving and keep proving to myself and to everybody else what I'm about.


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