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DT Linval Joseph

Q: Do you expect to make an impact in your rookie year?

A: Yes sir. That's my goal. Come in and make an impact in my rookie year. Sure.
Q: What kind of thrill is it to come in to a camp and put a jersey on?

A: It's different. I'm trying to think. It's real good. It feels really good to come in and put on a Giants helmet and we had some of the vets come in yesterday and that was different. I like this organization.
Q: What can you expect to gain out of these first three days?

A: Just to learn the playbook. Learn the defense. That's pretty much the thing you need to do is learn the defense first before you play. You've got to come in early and get these plays down and that's really going to help me in the long run.
Q: Is there a particular player on this team you can't wait to pick the brain of?

A: No, but I guess the rookie Petrus. I played against him and he went to Arkansas. So it's good to see him on the same team. We will be going against each other so that's going to be great. 

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