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Eagles Conference Call Transcripts

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid

Q: Was Vick's performance on Monday the best you've seen in a while?
A: You know what, he has a few things he has to work on. I'm proud of him for him for playing well. There are some of things we have to get worked out, but he's alright.

Q: Any of those things that you can tell us?
A: Not today.

Q: Are you surprised that he's playing at the level he is when you didn't expect him to start this year?
A: I'm proud of him. I'm proud of the way he's handled the whole thing and how hard he's worked. I give him most of the credit for all this. The way he's handled the whole situation and he's got two really good coaches in Marty Mornhinweg and James Urban, and he's absorbed everything that they've thrown at him and tried it. He's had great coaches in the past, and he'll be the first to admit that he didn't always take everything in at that time. He's been so diligent at how he's approached this. Heck, I'm proud of him and happy for him.

Q: Are you happy with his consistency?
A: That's a 'time will tell' question. We're only in game nine here, so we really haven't done anything. It isn't anything – we have a long road here and we have a pretty good football team coming in here right now that we better really concentrate on because when you're talking about the number one defense in the National Football League, and Eli Manning, that's a tough challenge for a team. We have to make sure we're ready.

Q: Are you watching to see how he handles himself as everyone keeps bringing up his redemption?
A: Listen, he's obviously seen the highs and the lows of the National Football League and life. I'm not worried about how he handles this. He's a humble guy and that's the way he handles himself. I really don't have a worry with that part.

Q: Could signing him have been any better for him and the Eagles?
A: I really come back to the kid. We gave him an opportunity, but he's the one who took advantage of that opportunity and he's doing it the right way. You have to give him the credit here. Could I have scripted it better? I don't know that. I'm not very good at predicting the future. We've got a long way to go here. Again, I'm happy for the kid and I don't know how else to put it. I'm happy for him, love the way he's handling things and going about his business.

Q: Has the controversy of signing him after his prison term gone away now?
A: I don't know all that. I know he's doing his part and trying to right his wrong. That's something he's done since he's been here. He goes out in the community. You're never going to erase that past but he's at least trying to make an effort at helping others not get into that type of situation, and I'm proud of him for that. That's not an easy thing to do, it's a tough thing to do. It's very tough, first of all, to admit that you goofed. Second of all, to go out there and face people face-to-face, and he's been doing that.

Q: Do you think that there are some teams that are kicking themselves now because they didn't have the courage to go out and pick up Vick?
A: I don't know that. You probably know more about that than I do. I have no idea on that. I'm lucky enough to where I've got an owner that is understanding, he evaluated the situation after I presented it to him and he took his time and looked at it and after he got done talking to Michael he felt very good about it and has been so supportive about the whole thing and I think that's helped Michael. That's been a very important step for Michael, knowing that – it's one thing having the head coach's pat on the back, but when you get it from the owner, that's special and just that he's followed up on things the way he has.

Q: What do you think about what Shawn Andrews has been able to do?
A: I'm proud of him and to come back from what he had – what a tribute to hard work right there. I said this often when he was with us, that I had never seen an offensive lineman that was as talented as Shawn Andrews and I've seen a few offensive linemen, I've played the position, I've coached it, I'm very familiar with the guys that have come through the league. He's as talented a guy as ever and then he had that series of injuries and he came back, but it took a long time and he worked his tail off and he came back and I'm proud of him for that.

Q: Did you ever think a return would be possible for him?
A: I thought it would be tough. But he's a tough kid. He comes off with that great personality, but he's a tough kid and he's worked through things and things have worked out for him and it was just a matter of time and sometimes in this business it's hard to wait, but he kept going and kept at it and chipped away at it and got himself back.

Q: Do you think that the Cowboys exposed some of the Giants' weaknesses on Sunday?
A: No. I don't. We all have strengths and weaknesses and every once in a while, somebody finds something and they get it and you straighten it out. That's what you do. It happens to all of us. Listen, I've got the utmost respect and you guys have got a great head football coach, you've got a great staff and you've got good football players that care and that's a good combination to have, so we completely respect really the whole organization there.

Q: Coach Coughlin joked earlier that watching the Eagles on Monday gave him indigestion. Is there anything that makes you feel that way about the Giants?
A: I just said I was an offensive lineman and I'm obviously involved a little bit with the offense, but I will tell you – I've mentioned the defensive line and Eli Manning and those receivers, tight ends, running backs – you've got Brandon Jacobs, who is huge, and then you've got Bradshaw, who is unbelievably quick and explosive, and I mean, there are so many things there that you've got to make sure you take care of from an offensive standpoint and that D-line, they just…you don't find a lot of those kinds of defensive lines around.

Q: Is it hard to get your team refocused after a win of that magnitude?
A: Well, you put on the tape is what you do. You put on the player and this is a very humbling business, so you put the tape on and that's real. All the other stuff is, first of all, stuff you can't control and hype and the reality of it is, you watch them play and then you go, Okay, this is a heck of a football team.

Eagles QB Michael Vick

Q: Reflect on what happened on Monday night and what your reaction was:
A: It was a great game and a great team effort. We did what we had to do to win the football game.

Q: Has the reaction been all positive? You have been judged by a lot of different standards and different people:
A: From all I've heard, it's been positive. I can't see how you can get a negative out of that. Some people do have their own opinions, and I can't worry about that.

Q: Michael Boley said you're a different QB now than when you played with him in Atlanta, but Keith Bulluck said you're similar to when you played at Virginia Tech?
A: It all depends on what Keith was talking about. If he's talking about me as an individual, yeah, I've never changed as a person. As a quarterback, I'm totally different.

Q: How?
A: I think it's obvious. I think you just have to watch me on film, and you see that I'm pass first, run second. I do a good job of seeing the rush and seeing guys downfield. Just taking what the defense gives me and not making the game hard.

Q: Andy Reid said you have been able to find a rhythm now that you're starting. What have the Eagles done to shape you as a quarterback?
A: They've helped me develop an understanding of the West Coast system, and as far as patterns and footwork is concerned, knowing when the ball has to be out and making good decisions with the football, which is important.

Q: A lot of people didn't see this coming, and people in Philly thought maybe you should be traded. Did you see this kind of outburst coming, and that you could play the position this well?
A: No, I never saw any of this coming as far as being the starter for this team. It's as surprising to me as it is everybody else. At the end of the day, I knew I had the talent and what it took to win football games. I just know I needed the opportunity.

Q: Do you ever think of what you would be doing right now if Kevin Kolb didn't get injured and you're still on the bench?
A: I guess it's obvious that if he didn't get hurt, I'd be still be the number two. That's plain and simple.

Q: How did it help you to play with the first team offense and get in a rhythm?
A: I think I needed a week of preparation to just get in sync with the number one offense and DeSean, Jeremy, and Britton. After about a week, I was very confident.

Q: In the Giants locker room, a lot of people say they're happy for you. Have you found a similar reaction throughout the league among the players?
A: Yeah, a lot of guys in this league know what I went through and they know how hard it was. I'm very appreciative of their thoughts and concerns. We all want to excel and do good in our profession, on and off the field, and that's what it's all about, bouncing back and doing the right thing.

Q: Obviously what you went through changed you, but you said that you haven't changed in regards to Bulluck's comments. How and in what ways are you a different person?
A: I see things for what they are. I'm very patient, and I put trust in the people I think I should've been trusting from the beginning. I just don't do the things that I used to do. I try to put myself in positive positions all the time.

Q: When you got back on the football field, you weren't playing, and football wasn't as much fun as it was in the past. Is it fun again now?
A: Football has always been fun. Even if you're going to practice, practice is fun. Some days, you get up and don't want to or you may be tired, but this is what you've been put on this earth to do. I enjoy each and every day because, hey, I know my career isn't a 10 or 12 year career anymore. I know I'm maybe in the back nine of my career, and I feel I have some great years left ahead of me, but I have to enjoy the day.

Q: When you were doing time, did you ever dream about a scenario like this where you came back and dominated like you did Monday night?
A: No, I would have never dreamt that. To have that type of night, you only dream about having those types of nights. It was great to have a day like that and it may never happen again. I may get close, but who knows. Everything just happened the way it was supposed to, and we won the game at the end of the day which is important to us.

Q: What's the play you are most proud of from Monday night?
A: There were so many good plays. I can't name one in specific. Probably the first one because it really set the tone for the game. We just came out with a lot of attitude, and it went to show that our concentration level was where it needed to be.

Q: Do you have to forget Monday night's game or do you try and build off it?
A: You build off it. You never forget it. You just keep building and letting your confidence grow, and hopefully that mentality will rub off throughout the guys in the locker room. I think it will.

Q: As you have gotten older in the game, have you found a key to staying healthy with your style of aggressive play?
A: There isn't much you can do. When you play my style of football, one of the things you can do is get down and get out of bounds. Just try and protect yourself. That's what I try to do. I try not to take the unnecessary hit, and I want to be there for the haul with my teammates.

Q: When you look at the Giants, what do you think their defense does interesting?
A: I mean, they do a lot. I've seen a lot of the looks that they do from other teams, but when they do it, they do it aggressively and their front four is an ace group – they get after you – and there's a good group of linebackers and they're good in the secondary, so they're very well rounded and we're definitely going to have to put together a four-quarter football game to beat them.

Q: Do you remember the last time you faced the Giants as a starter?
A: Yeah, it was Atlanta I think in '05 or '06 and I think we lost.

Q: I think they sacked you like seven times.
A: Yeah.

Q: How important it is for your rehabilitation in the public eye that you play well?
A: I just try to do what is right for this football team and I try not to put any added pressure on myself. This league is tough enough as it is. You always want to perform on Monday night and you always want to play to the best of your ability whether you're on TV or not and just do what you can.

Q: 15 months ago, people in Philadelphia were pretty split about you and now everyone seems to love you – is that about your play?
A: Yeah, I think it is. I think that in this league it's about going out and showing improvement – being a man of your word and not just talking, but doing and that's what I've tried to do since I've been here and just tried to show improvement each and every time I got an opportunity.

Q: Frank Beamer compared Tuesday morning to the night after the National Championship game where everyone saw what you could do. Do you see similarities there?
A: Yeah. It's been great, just the response that I've been getting since the Monday night game, but I let all my friends and family and everyone that wants to rave about it rave. I appreciate it, like I said before, but I've just got to move on to the next game, which is the most important game.

Q: Deon Grant was remembering being a spy for Carolina when he faced you. What goes through your head when you see a team put a spy on you?
A: I like to see the spy. When you see the spy, you know they're taking a man out of coverage. It all depends on how they use them.  We have a great group of coaches here and I think that once they see that, they'll take advantage of that.

Q: Do you remember one ever getting the best of you?
A: No. Not really. Not to a point where it was a problem.

Q: What kinds of things have you done in the community?
A: Well, I go visit schools, I'm still working with the humane society, I talk to groups of kids on a consistent basis, whenever there is a request, I try to be there and I just make sure that I do as much work off the field as I've done on the field and I do that just so I can help save lives and prevent people from going through difficult times and troubles that could be prevented. They can listen to me or not, but if I can add my two cents, I think it can help.

Q: Are the kids tough on you?
A: There's no question that I can't answer or that I'm afraid to answer. There's nothing that I won't talk about or that I'm afraid to talk about, because I have nothing to hide, everything has been put out there, so they don't have to have a filter to ask certain questions. I'm all about being a part of the solution and not the problem.

Q: How has that made you feel about yourself?
A: Honestly, it feels great. It's an attitude that I didn't have a couple of years ago and I've got it now, but I had to go through what I went through to be able to be where I am now.

Q: Did you fear that you might never get this opportunity?
A: You always fear that you won't get a chance to play ball again, but you've just got to stay optimistic and keep believing and keep the faith and that's what I did.

Q: Did you have to ask if you were starting every week?
A: Andy said it one time and I think that was it.

Q: Do you think having six days instead of seven to get ready for the Giants will make a difference?
A: I don't think so. I think it's all about the mindset. We're getting plenty of rest over here and we've just got to approach the game – we've gotten a six or seven day break instead of a short week – just approach it with confidence and play the same way and we'll be well rested.

Q: The Giants have knocked out five quarterbacks. Does that play in your head at all?
A: Not at all. I mean, if you're going to get hurt in this league, you're going to get hurt. It's all about how you get back up from it – if you can – but other than that, you can't worry about the quarterbacks that they've put out of the game, you've just got to play your game and that's what I'm going to do.

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