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What is going on with Adrien Robinson? Heard he is the JPP of tight ends, but haven't heard much in camp reports, how does he look?

Let's keep in mind that Jason Pierre-Paul wasn't a star in his first training camp – it was obvious he was very talented, but he was raw. In some ways, the same can be said of Robinson. But he started further back than JPP did. Robinson was a fourth-round draft choice (JPP was a one). Because he had to complete his academic commitments at the University of Cincinnati, Robinson missed most of the spring workouts. And the rules in the new collective bargaining agreement prevented tight ends coach Michael Pope from tutoring Robinson as extensively as he would have liked. Robinson has had his ups and downs – he dropped two passes Saturday. Bu he seems to have the blocking and receiving skills to be a fine tight end. I don't know if it will be this season, but Robinson could develop into something special. 

David Douglas has been real impressive so far in camp; even getting some kudos from Coach Coughlin on a few occasions. It's early, but could he make the team and see some time as the third wideout once camp breaks?

You're correct, Douglas has been impressive and that has been noted by the head coach. But you are also correct in saying it's early. Let's see how he performs in the preseason games before we start pondering his chance to make the final roster. And if he overcomes the odds and does that – I don't think it will be as the third wideout. As well as Douglas has performed in the first two weeks, I don't see him supplanting Nicks, Cruz, Hixon, Jernigan and Randle – and perhaps Barden and Stanback. Douglas is still a long shot.


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