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Eisen's Mailbag: Answering your questions



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With the running game in the tank last season, I would think that the Giants would be looking to strengthen the offensive line as well as running backs. Yes?

Dear Don: *
*I think it's safe to make that assumption. But I say that in the context of the Giants' perpetual philosophy, which is they are always looking at ways to strengthen every position. Tom Coughlin preaches the virtue of a balances offense, so he certainly was unhappy the Giants finished last in the NFL in rushing in 2011. The job competition on the offensive line in training camp will be worth watching.

What's the latest on Osi Umenyiora's contract?

Dear Marshall: *
*It seems as if a lot of fans are obsessed with Osi's contract. The latest now is the same as it was a month ago, which is the same as it was when the 2011 season ended. Umenyiora is under contract for the 2012 season. Neither side is required to do anything but honor that contract. The Giants could choose to give him a raise or an extension. Umenyiora can choose to make his own decisions. But they have a signed contract for 2012.

Given that the Giants have the 32nd round pick in the first round of the draft, where do you believe they'll seek to upgrade? Offensive line, defensive back, or will they surprise us by picking a WR or TE?

Dear Jake: *
*I think anything but a quarterback (or a punter or kicker) would surprise me – but it wouldn't shock me, because NFL teams are always thinking about their future at that critical position. I can see the Giants taking a player at any one of the positions you mentioned – or a defensive lineman or a linebacker. It wouldn't surprise me if they traded up. It wouldn't surprise me if they trade down. Basically, I'm saying all options are on the table. And with 31 players coming off the board before the Giants are on the clock, it's impossible to say with certain in which direction the Giants will go.

Will the giants wear the red jerseys this year?

Dear Ernesto: *
*No. This season we'll see the Giants in their familiar blue jerseys and home and white jerseys on the road. A chance exists we may see an alternative jersey in 2013. But since the Giants were 1-3 in red jerseys several years ago, I sense there's not a big rush to put them back on.

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