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Eisen's Mailbag: Benefits of Cincinnati Practices


The Giants seem to have gotten lucky with their Thursday game this year. It's early in the year and it's a home game after a home Sunday game. Plus the next week is a pretty short road trip to Buffalo. How much do the short weeks affect the team and do you see it as a big positive the way the schedule worked out this year? -Adam**

Dear Adam:
I agree with everything you say about the timing and placement of the Giants' Thursday night game, Sept. 24 vs. Washington. It's early in the season, they don't have to travel they're at home four days earlier. But I don't know if a different set of circumstances would adversely affect them. The Giants played Thursday night games each of the previous three seasons, all on the road. They crushed Carolina in 2012 and Washington last year. Two seasons ago, they dropped a close game in Chicago. Every team has to play on a Thursday. Team health, preparation and how well you play are the most important determining factors of success or failure – just as they are in any other game.

>>CLICK HERE TO ASK QUESTIONS FOR EISEN'S MAILBAGWhat can we expect from the practices and scrimmages in Cincinnati? How hard will the teams go at it in practice and what will the benefits be for the coaches/decision makers? -Meadow

Dear Meadow:
The Giants haven't practice with another team in 10 years, since they got together with the Jets in Albany. But when two teams work together, the practices are more intense than an intrasquad workout. So the action should be physical foe a couple of days, particularly when the respective offensive and defensive lines go at it. The practices will be a big help to players and coaches alike. The former get a break from the camp monotony and can sharpen their skills against different opponents. The coaches can evaluate their schemes and calls against another opponent and they can evaluate players in a more challenging and less comfortable environment.

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