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Eisen's Mailbag: Best spot for Geoff Schwartz?


Most people consider the left tackle to be more important than the right tackle position on the offensive line. Is there such a thing when it comes to the guard positions? If so, do you believe the Giants should move Geoff Schwartz from left guard to right if they deem the right guard position more important in this Offense since he is a talented veteran?** -Ben

Dear Ben:
The left tackle protects Eli Manning's blind side, so it is considered more important for pass-blocking purposes. Most teams are right-handed and some prefer to place their strongest run blockers on that side. I don't know if it makes that much of a difference. If Schwartz's best position is left guard and he is comfortable there, I would leave him at that spot.

How would you assess the team's depth at each position, as camp starts? Is there talent beyond the projected starters?

Dear Bernard:
That's what we're going to learn in the next month. The depth certainly appears improved in two position groups where it was lacking last year, the offensive line and the secondary. The running backs, wide receivers and linebackers are deeper as well – at least initially. But let's see how everyone performs in some games before making judgments.

With shorter routes and quicker passes, would we consider a three-tight end set?

Dear Charles:
I doubt it. Why would you take Victor Cruz or Rueben Randle off the field to throw to a tight end who is not as fast or elusive? Cruz and Beckham can catch short passes and turn them into long gains. Not sure you can say the same thing about the tight ends.

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