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Eisen's Mailbag: Captains and O-line

Who on offense has opened eyes at training camp and made it hard for the coaches to cut? What about on defense?

Dear Mike,

It's hard to ignore what wide receiver Corey Washington has done. He did, after all, catch the game-winning touchdown pass in each of the first two games. Defensively, Devon Kennard is a fifth-round draft choice who has played at linebacker with the first team throughout training camp. He doesn't create a hard decision for the coaches, because he was going to make the team, regardless, but Kennard has certainly stood out.

I know it's still somewhat early in training camp. But as of now, what is the one position that worries you the most as we approach our third preseason game.

Dear Rob,

I hate to break this to you, but it's no longer early in training camp. Actually, training camp has officially ended. But your question is a good one. I don't know if "worries" is the correct word, but the position group that bears continued scrutiny is the offensive line. The group has shown it will be much-improved over the injury-weakened 2013 line. If the line can open holes for the running game – see Rashad Jenning's 73-yard touchdown run vs. Pittsburgh – and protect Eli Manning, the Giants should have a high-scoring offense. But the line must continue to grow and improve.

If the Giants decide to keep five captains, who is going to replace Justin Tuck and Chris Snee?

Dear Eric,
Jon Beason is the odds-on favorite to replace Tuck as a defensive captain. It's not as clear-cut on offense, where there are more newcomers. My guess would be Victor Cruz.

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