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Eisen's Mailbag: Changes to the O-Line?


I have been a Giants fan my whole life and remember the 1996 season and how bad the Giants were. I doubt I will ever see the G-men play as bad again as they did Sunday. Why doesn't Coughlin consider trying some of these younger guys on the O-line. I doubt it will be any worse than it already is. I know Diehl, Snee and Baas were solid starters for many years and I give Diehl and Snee a huge thank you a hundred times for being the rocks for so many years. Again, my question is would it hurt to try some younger guys on the line?**

And another offensive line question…

I suspect Snee and Baas are not 100% from their injuries. Do you think they should go back to Boothe at center and bring Brewer back at guard? He's a beast. We need better push up front. Baas and Snee look weak at the point of attack sometimes.

Dear Ben and Earl:
After a game like the loss at Carolina, it's widely assumed that simply making a change for change's sake will lead to improvement. That might not be the case. If the coaches thought the younger players were better than the linemen on the field, they'd make the changes in a heartbeat. And let's not blame Diehl; he hasn't played this year after undergoing thumb surgery last month. Coughlin yesterday didn't rule out changes on the O-line. He'll likely consider it. And he might not have a choice if Snee's hip injury or Baas' neck injury force either or both of them out of this week's game. What's clear is the line must play better, either with the group that has been on the field or with different players.

It's obvious how poorly the Giants played by the beat down that was handed to them, but by any chance do you think the loss was assisted by the Panthers having Chase Blackburn and (Dave Gettleman) the Giants' former (pro personnel director) Maybe some of our tendencies were opened up?

Dear Alex:
I'm sure Blackburn, Gettleman and Domenik Hixon provided the Panthers' coaches with as much insight as they could about the Giants. And I would guess in some small way it helped Carolina's cause. But it's a big stretch to say that's the reason the Giants lost the game. That aid had much less to do with the outcome than the Giants' inability to block the Panthers' front seven. The running game gained 60 yards and Eli Manning was sacked seven times. I doubt that occurred because of clues provided by the three former members of the organization.

Why doesn't the offense make adjustments? Shorter passes, using the running back in pass plays and some misdirection. Seems very vanilla.

Dear John:
To quote Tom Coughlin yesterday: "We did throw the quick game, we also threw a couple of things that were five-step drops that the ball came out, or had to come out relatively quickly. We did utilize some of that." In other words, adjustments were made during the game. But again, nothing was going to work, because the running backs had nowhere to run and Eli Manning had no time to pass. The greatest scheme in the world will fail if the players have no chance to succeed.

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