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Eisen's Mailbag: Contracts & Offensive Line

Will Antrel Rolle get a new contract before the end of the season?

Dear Max,

I have no idea. As a team employee, I never talk to agents and I never ask about contracts. When there is contract news the organization wants me to write about, the people in charge will let me know. Frankly, I haven't heard anything about a Rolle contract even on the rumor mill.

How many linebackers will the Giants keep this year? Who will most likely make the cut and who will the starters be? **


Dear Wayne,
I assume they'll keep six or seven linebackers, depending on how many will be special teams contributors and their needs at other positions. When Jon Beason is healthy, he will be the middle linebacker with Jameel McClain on the strong side and Jacquian Williams on the weak side. Until Beason is ready to play, McClain is playing the middle with rookie Devon Kennard taking over on the strong side.

How has James Brewer looked at tackle? I saw he played tackle in the Steelers game and didn't hear his name, which is usually good.

Dear Kevin,
I don't claim to be an expert on offensive line play, but Brewer seemed to make no glaring errors. But when he entered the game, Brewer wasn't facing a first-team defensive lineman. Indeed, he might have had more experience than the player he was blocking. The Giants added depth on their line in the offseason, so Brewer faces tough competition for a spot on the final roster.

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