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Eisen's Mailbag: Cullen Jenkins' role in 2015


What type of role do you think Cullen Jenkins will have this year? There seems to be a lot of young guys who deserve to make the team. Anne

Dear Anne:

I think Jenkins is going to have a significant role, because he is the Giants' most versatile defensive lineman.

Jenkins produces as both a tackle and an end. He could be a starting tackle who moves out to end in some sub defenses.

Or perhaps he will start some games on the outside.

Jenkins is valuable because he can play several roles, and the Giants will use him wherever he best fits for each particular game.

Any chance the Giants keep four tight ends? I have heard a lot of good things about undrafted free agent Matt LaCosse? Corry

Dear Corry:

There's a chance, but I doubt it.

The Giants normally don't keep three, much less four. All of the tight ends, including LaCosse, had their moments in the spring drills and practices, so the competition at that position will be fun to watch in training camp.

But I will be surprised if it results in a quartet of tight ends on the opening day roster.

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